Hot Buttons

Hot Buttons a weekly podcast about fast fashion and climate change.

Why tune in to Hot Buttons?

Currently seems like everyone cares about the state of the climate crisis and sustainability. Consumers have become more aware of the fast fashion, plastics, and materials that are bringing harm to our planet.

Corporations also adapted and started publicly sharing their plans for decreasing carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. The websites of H&M and Zara have beautiful pictures and a lot of loud words about neutrality and pledges to different institutions. But what do those words mean? And are they total BS or not?

If I had to put a category on Hot Buttons podcast it would be news about evolving fashion industry in the context of the climate crisis. The show's language is accessible like tuning in to a discussion around a water cooler.

Every week Christina, Rachel, and Shilla are dropping talk about the current internet news, fast fashion brands, and their (un)realistic sustainability pledges and of course, debunk the corporate nonsense.

Who would love this podcast?

If you're looking into learning how fashion companies are responding to the climate crisis. Which one of those companies is doing greenwashing, or is not totally honest in their sustainability pledges? Or maybe you want to find a hot new marketplace for your fashion needs. Most likely you'll find this show captivating.

This podcast is for you!

Putting beauty products under the microscope - the hosts discuss the hidden part of the beauty industry. Low levels of regulation for ingredients, and the invisible complexities of product packaging. As a side quest: when SKKN by Kim Kardashian says it's a sustainable brand, is it the truth or just a fancy cover?

Is sustainability in menswear any different - the fashion industry knows how to market to women, but not to men. The episode dives deep into the differences between the shopping styles of women and men, and how it dictates the offering for those groups. Also, did we forget how to shop for good quality clothes? A question worth pondering with Hot Buttons!

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