The Europeans

Why tune in to "The Europeans" podcast?

I moved to Lithuania last year, and one of the important things for me is to find a source of news not just about Lithuania but also about the European Union.

EU like any political project has its problems and as an immigrant and a person who wants to build a new life in Europe is aware of the goings on is very important to me.

Enter "The Europeans" podcast hosted by Katy and Dominic. With each episode, they are ready to take you on a spectacular ride around the EU.

The typical episode is a nice sandwich of bad news, good news, and a glimpse of hope.

First, you learn what country of the EU is having a good week (maybe important legislation is passed?), then you get smacked with bad news (yup it's not all sunshine, roses, and social democracies).

After your contrast shower with news all over EU Katy and Dominic are diving into the topic of the week. It can range from elections in one of the EU countries to how the EU plans to fight fast fashion.

When this segment ends you're granted a glimpse of hope. The hosts are sharing things that captivated their attention during the week. You can find TV shows, podcasts, or book recommendations here, to keep you busy until the next episode.

The episode ends with a silver lining when Dominic shares a happy story that will make you hopeful about the state of the world.

I'm very impressed that they manage to put all those segments into just 40-minute episodes. Without sacrificing the nuances of the topics.

Who would like this podcast?

If you're a person who wants to know what's happening in the good old European continent, and you want to subscribe to only 1 podcast, then I'm more than confident to recommend "The Europeans". The topics are diverse and cover pressing issues. Also, did I mention already that the episodes have a very good structure and are very concise?

Episode recommendations

The one where we take over the European Parliament

The episode goes into detail about the cannabis legalization process in Germany. You'll also listen to a small outtake of Katy's and Dominic's interview with European Parlament president Roberta Metsola and political activists around the EU.

I loved the contrast between the motivational speeches from the tribune and the reactions of youth in the Parliament who are living through challenging economic periods.

Can the EU fix fast fashion? -

During the interview with model and activist Nimue Smit, the hosts discussed new legislation regarding fast fashion clothing. Are the measures enough to make an impactful change in the way clothes are created and distributed in the EU?

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