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I bet the last time you heard about Tumblr is when they started moderating erotic content. But what if I tell you, that during the year 2022 the community on Tumblr, *uncovered* Martin Scorsese's secret movie. Goncharov (1973) is the greatest mafia movie ever made. It's better than Godfather, it has a compelling plot, and the gifs from the movie are flooded on Tumblr. There's even dedicated fanfiction on the archive on our own. Martin himself said that he DID make this movie. Surely this is not some elaborate joke. Right? Right? We have curated 4 podcast episodes about the worldwide Tumblr phenomena.
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Last updated: Feb 21, 2023
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S1E14. Humour (Or, Are Goncharov Fanfics Crackfics?)
The Fanfic Writers' Craft

In this episode, as suggested by a Tumblr anon, Jo (@pebblysand) and Lani (@copper-dust) talk about humour in fanfiction and, more specifically, how to write comedy without being cringey? Not just for crack fics, but also how to write something that’s supposed to be funny and that also has a plot. 

They dive into the question of what a crack fic even is, as well as the cultural specificities that are inherent to comedy, and make it one of the hardest genres to write. They also talk about the merits of cringe, and go on a pretty long tangent about tumblr’s latest obsession: Goncharov (1973). 

This week, we mention: 

American Vandal a Netflix mockumentary that mimics the genre of true crime documentaries Goncharov (1973), Tumblr’s fake Martin Scorcese film Seinfeld, a show which Jo (writing this post), has never seen and doesn’t really know what to say about, apart from the fact that Lani made a lot of references to it in the pod, so there.  Curb Your Enthusiasm, mentioned in our discussion of whether comedy can sometimes go too far.  Mr Bean, for physical comedy (Jo approximates that her mother has probably watched that Christmas turkey episode 124 times) The Office (US), for American comedy (also, before anyone asks, yes, Jo has watched the UK version. Yes, she liked it better. But, she has issues with Ricky Gervais, not all of which are Ricky Gervais’ fault) Fleabag, for cringe comedy  Death at a Funeral and Derry Girls on making light of heavy subjects

Your recommendations for this week are:

ViscariaFields (@hexcore-juggler) whose amazing fanfic Lani recommended for the Iliad fandom My Dad Wrote a Porno, the funniest podcast Jo has ever heard (and advice on how not to write smut)

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Goncharov, Tumblr’s Fake Scorsese Film
Over the past few weeks, Tumblr has been filled to the brim with content about the Martin Scorsese film Goncharov, but the best part is the film never existed. On today’s episode, Rachelle Hampton and Daisy Rosario explain the wild and weird way Tumblr invented this film, how committed Tumblr users are to this bit, and what Marty thinks about it, too. This podcast is produced by Daniel Schroeder, Rachelle Hampton, and Daisy Rosario. Subscribe to Slate Plus at http://slate.com/icymiplus Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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56: Goncharov (1973)
Wow If True

In this special episode, Isabel and Amanda discuss the greatest mafia movie ever made.

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11 - The Gonch & The Gunch (w/ Newt Schottelkotte)
Dashboard Diaries

From the absurd to the practical--after a brief explainer of the very real movie Goncharov, Newt Schottelkotte joins us to talk about the rise of audio drama fandom on tumblr and the strange world of being both a podcast fan and creator on the platform. 

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