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Fast fashion is a design, manufacturing, and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing. These cheaply made, trendy pieces have resulted in an industry-wide movement towards overwhelming amounts of consumption. We curated a list of podcast episodes that talk about the impacts of fast fashion and how people are fighting back.
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Last updated: Apr 25, 2023
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#108 The Demise of Fast Fashion
Stock Club

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After a rapid rise to popularity, the fast fashion industry has had a big fall from grace recently thanks to its huge carbon emissions and poor history of worker treatment. With one of the original pioneers of the industry, Missguided, now going into administration, have we seen the tide shift away from $1 bikinis and $5 dresses into more sustainable fashion trends?

In this episode, we also discuss:

How Salesforce managed to report great earnings when so many other SaaS stocks are struggling.What's going on over at Starbucks with leadership changes and unionization efforts.And our Elevator Pitches for Naked Wines and Steinway Musical Instruments.

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Fast Fashion
New Economics Podcast
With the COP26 global climate conference coming up later this year, we’re spending five episodes this series looking at pressing climate issues. In this episode we’re talking fast fashion. Summer is here and Love Island is all over the telly. The show’s sexy singles are competing for big prize money, and the inevitable sponsorship deals with fast fashion brands like Shein, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing. But these companies have been accused of exploiting their workers and polluting the environment. Our t-shirt label might say ‘made in China’, but the raw materials and finished product have often travelled around the globe before it ends up in our wardrobes. How have we ended up with such a complicated system? What are the costs for our environment, and the people who make our clothes? And what can the fashion industry tell us about how our global economy works? In this episode Ayeisha is joined by Maxine Bédat, director of New Standard Institute and author of Unraveled: the life and death of a garment. - Grab a copy of Maxine's book: - Find out more about the New Standard Institute: ----- Music by Blue Dot Sessions and Podington Bear, used under Creative Commons licence. Researched by Margaret Welsh. Produced by Becky Malone. Enjoying the show? Tweet us your comments and questions @NEF! The Weekly Economics Podcast is brought to you by the New Economics Foundation. Find out more at
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Shein's Ultra Fast Fashion Model
WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

And you thought Zara was fast fashion! Buckle up because new trends are landing daily if not hourly, as a new breed of online disruptor throws out thousands of styles a week to see what sticks. Brands like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova are part of a new ultra-fast fashion era, but Shein is by far the biggest player.

Worth a reported $47 billion, the Chinese company is now the biggest selling fast fashion brand in the US. But how does it work? What's the secret to its giant reach? And just how many items does it drop in a week?

In our first episode for Series 7, host Clare Press sits down with the American journalists Meaghan Tobin and Louise Matsakis who, along with Beijing-based Wency Chen, spent six months looking into this, from every possible angle. From speaking to garment workers and interviewing shoppers to tracking down one young TikTok user who saw her vintage vest morph into thousands of copies, taking her personal photo along for the ride - without her permission.

Let us know what you think. Follow Clare on Instagram @mrspress @thewardrobecrisis

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Finding hope for sustainable fashion in 2023
Hot Buttons
Happy New Year! We’re back with our review of 2022, and predictions for 2023. But first, we have to say goodbye to Dame Vivienne Westwood, and take a few more shots at Balenciaga for what can only be described as a rather cowardly approach to repairing their brand.  There was a lot to like about climate and sustainability progress in 2022, and we’re coming into this year hopeful we’ll see more of it in action, not just words. We talk about climate bills, progress at COPs, taking on greenwashing, new policies addressing fair labor, and new technologies that take us closer to a circular economy. But skepticism abounds, so we’ll talk about that, too. Have a question for Christina, Rachel and Shilla? Give us a call at (508) 622-5361.‬ We might feature your voicemail in an upcoming episode. A lightly edited transcript of the episode can be found here. Resources:   Vogue Business on the life of Vivienne Westwood Hypebeast on the potential for a year of “Nothingcore” New York Times on the industry’s struggle with the concept of degrowth Hot Buttons is a production of Post Script Media. The show is hosted by Christina Binkley, Rachel Kibbe, and Shilla Kim-Parker. Follow the show on Twitter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Can the EU fix fast fashion?
The Europeans

Every year, Europeans chuck away millions of tons of clothing. The EU has a new plan to tackle the huge environmental impact of the fashion and textile industry — but can it make a difference? We asked the model and activist Nimue Smit to take a look. We're also talking about the UK's extremely controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, and a legal leap forward for Spain's single parents.

This week's Isolation Inspiration: Lithuanian clothing exchange Vinted, and Belgian Netflix comedy 'Soil' ('Grond').

A few things Nimue mentioned that listeners might want to check out: 'Consumed' by Aja Barber, Depop, Vestiaire Collective, Sustainable Fashion Giftcard, Rank A Brand.

02:17 Bad Week: UK asylum policy 13:44 Good Week: Spain's single parents 19:49 Interview: Nimue Smit on fixing the fashion industry 34:02 Isolation Inspiration: Vinted and Grond 36:28 Happy Ending: Teaching teens to love natural history Thanks for listening! If you enjoy our podcast and would like to help us keep making it, we'd love it if you'd consider chipping in a few euros / dollars / pounds a month at You can also help new listeners find the show by leaving us a review or giving us five stars on Spotify.

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