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Discussing our favorite films through a feminist lens. Episodes released every two weeks. Available on Stitcher Radio, Apple Podcasts, & everywhere you listen to podcasts.


Mar 09, 2022
97 The Batman
This week, BFFC discuss Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN! They'll discuss emo bats, nightclub fight scenes, the joys of good cinematography, and how this film doesn't fit in the DC Universe (and why that's a good thing).
Happy New Year listeners! This episode, BFFC is back to discuss THE MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS. Discussed: this film as a re-evaluation of the trilogy's impact, the ways we update our own stories, Handsome Chads, and escaping the matrix through the power of love.
This week, BFFC take a trip down memory lane with PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2004). They'll talk Gerard Butler's accent, gondolas, sexy eyeshadow, and why this adaptation succeeds where more recent musical adaptations have failed.
Oct 28, 2021
94 Dune
Ha! We're back! And just in time to talk about DUNE, Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic. BFFC talks the fraught history of the book's movie adaptations, little rock noises, Villeneuve's use of sound mixing in the film, and bagpipes in space.
Ha! We're back! With a special summer episode on (what else) F9: THE FAST SAGA. Discussed: cameos, everybody works for Mr Nobody, "are you there God? it's me, Dominic Toretto", positive masculinity, and, as is tradition, BFFC's pitches for the future of the F&F franchise(*coughtimetravelcough*).
May 05, 2021
92 Shadow & Bone
This week BFFC tackle Netflix's SHADOW AND BONE. Discussed: love triangles, YA convention, Tumblr manifestations, and OF COURSE, Ben Barnes. ORG OF THE MONTH: Khalsa Aid - providing COVID relief in India. khalsaaid.org
This week BFFC watches GODZILLA VS KONG! Topics covered include the storied history of the Kaiju genre, EvilCorp Set Design, and what a Fast & Furious kaiju movie would look like.
After covering nearly all of his other films, BFFC tackles ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, also known as The Snyder Cut. They'll go through it all: the eternal mystery of Snyder's aesthetic, the differences between JL17 and this iteration, and why this movie succeeds in so many places where JL17 failed.
Mar 10, 2021
89 Salt
BFFC starts a new series on female action heroes with SALT, the Angelina Jolie-led action franchise that never was. They'll talk male fridging, allowing female stars to have emotions without their character centering around them, and their pitch for Salt 2. Organization of the Month: NEW GEORGIA PROJECT - a non-partisan effort to register and civically engage Georgians. https://newgeorgiaproject.org/
Feb 24, 2021
88 I Care A Lot
This week BFFC views I CARE A LOT on Netflix! They'll discuss the novelty - and pitfalls - of female antiheroes, vape rigs, and #girlboss mentality.