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Neurotic pop culture from the original bad boys of podcasting, Pete Blackburn & DJ Bean.


Shirts lead to compliments, which lead to an accidental public theft. A Succession recap begs the question: Are we putting too much pressure on penultimate episodes of TV shows these days? We go through the setlist of "The Eras Tour" and break down a concert we did not attend. Support the show and get bonus episodes: patreon.com/listentobrunch (0:00) Compliments and chaos (6:42) Succession (21:37) Barry/Dave/White Men Can't Jump (30:10) Taylor Swift's Eras Tour (56:04) The algorithm
Not to brag, but Verizon's CMO is dunzo. Swifties are teaming up with DJ. We review Ben Affleck's latest film, 'Hypnotic' and discuss a dark but beautiful Martin Scorcese interview. Support the show and get bonus episodes: patreon.com/listentobrunch (0:00) Verizon CMO steps down (9:08) Taylor Swift latest (28:04) 'Hypnotic' review (39:17) Martin Scorcese quote
We as a society are too mean to people who stand when the plane lands. What happened to Ted Lasso, and Verizon for that matter? Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are reportedly dating. What's up with Ed Sheeran? DJ sees Beau is afraid and we can't wait for the Blackberry movie. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) Airplane standers (12:24) Ted Lasso/Verizon (22:19) Swift and Healy (26:26) Basic math supercut (30:00) Sheeran (43:46) Beau is Afraid (47:35) Blackberry
Will this writers' strike have the same impact on television as it did in 2007? Smokey Robinson's new album is quite erotic for someone 83 years old. DJ randomly fell asleep for 17 hours. Houndmouth plays a massive show in Portland, Maine. 'Barry' might be saving its best season for last. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) TV writers go on strike (17:51) Smokey Robinson 'Gasms' (23:27) DJ's scary sleep (35:01) Houndmouth love (49:46) NHL playoffs (55:31) 'Barry' Season 4 (01:01:38) 'Succession'
Is there a distinct smell to being sick? The boys see Father John Misty in Maine. An experience in being hotel royalty. A play about the making of Jaws leaves out a plot point. How can you use sports Twitter during prestige television hours. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) The sick smell (07:20) Father John Misty in Maine (14:10) The snack room (24:36) 'Jaws' play (29:30) Handling TV spoilers
The Hamburglar has re-emerged and McDonalds is using him as a distraction from the bigger news. Pete accidentally bought "specific" edibles. DJ gets called "short" but also "Musical Philip Seymour Hoffman." We once again get to discuss a brilliant "Succession" episode while celebrating the return of "Barry." Finally, actor Matt Maher joins the show to talk 'Air' and his longtime friendship with Ben Affleck & Matt Damon. (00:00) Hamburglar returns (09:54) This weekend in fun (16:39) Stanley Cup Playoffs  (25:47) SquareSpace ad (28:00) DJ’s new jersey & height (33:40) “Musical Philip Seymour Hoffman” (37:28) “Succession” discussion (42:37) “Barry” discussion (46:49) Matt Maher interview
The children are establishing dominance at Starbucks again. A monumental episode of "Succession" has the world raving. The boys are cooking up some hockey projects that will soon be debuted. DJ releases new music with a fun track called "Baseball Manager." Finally, a review of 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' and its big Brunch Score. (00:00) Office hours (09:16) Succession (Spoilers) (17:40) Babbel ad (21:30) Succession cont. (Spoilers) (39:40) Hockey update (44:22) Baseball talk (48:46) “Baseball Manager” music video (54:47) 'Super Mario Bros.' review
Has Pete been messing with DJ's podcast shoes? The Barbie trailer has dropped and Ben Affleck has yet another movie coming next month. A "fun fact*" leads to a discussion about the current state of CVS. "Tetris" on Apple TV is a great and wild time. A particular reddit page makes one of the bad boys crawl out of their skin. We discuss our proudest harmless lies. Update on Pete getting into the Beatles: He is listening to another classic artist and that's no cap. Finally, our full, spoiler-free review of "Air." (00:00) PODCAST SHOES UPDATE (08:55) 'BARBIE' TRAILER REACTION & NEW AFFLECK MOVIE (17:15) FUN FACT ABOUT CVS (20:48) 'TETRIS' REVIEW (27:48) THE RANCH ADDICT (34:20) PROUDEST HARMLESS LIES (41:54) PETE GETS INTO CLASSIC ARTIST (50:46) - 'AIR' REVIEW
DJ is alarmed when he realizes he wishes he had a clone to help him with stuff. Pete wants the same but so he can play more video games. With Ben Affleck and Matt Damon telling a story about sharing a bank account, DJ and Pete agree they share an emotional bank account. "It’s Monday and People are Pissed" has found new life. A complimentary discussion about Will deFries yields a great business idea for Washed Media. We check in on the new seasons of Succession and Ted Lasso. 
DJ encounters a major problem with a certain coffee chain. White men are getting roasted for how they handle a certain part of relationships and it is hilarious. We run through a list of celebrities who look like their names, talk TONS of baseball and review John Wick: Chapter 4.  (00:00) COFFEE SHOP TROUBLE (11:57) THE ONLY SILVER LINING OF TWITTER’S ‘FOR YOU’ SECTION  (21:08) ACTION MOVIES ARE HAVING A MOMENT (26:05) CELEBRITIES WHO LOOK LIKE THEIR NAMES (33:54) LEGAL SPORTS BETTING AND BASEBALL  (49:22) ‘JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4’ REVIEW Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch YouTube.com/@listentobrunch