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Neurotic pop culture from the original bad boys of podcasting, Pete Blackburn & DJ Bean.


DJ goes to the movies and no one there likes him. The full version of the "Cheers" theme song is problematic, which leads us to an exploration of theme song sadness. Pete finally sees Theater Camp and the boys sing its praises. Plus, printer rankings. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) Sugar and printers (07:20) Theme song sadness (20:45) Movie theater hates DJ (27:14) Misc. movies (37:17) 'Theater Camp'
At long last, both bad boys have seen Past Lives and love it. The boys recap a fun day at Idle Hands where Pete possibly broke the dunk tank record and DJ performed the Eras Tour. Olivia Rodrigo is back with a new album. Should DJ apply for USA Today's Taylor Swift reporter job as a bit? Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch
The boys get ready for this weekend's Oktoberfest at Idle Hands, where DJ will be playing music and Pete will be in the dunk tank. DJ hates a guy in his fantasy football league. Between the two hosts, the podcast has seen Past Lives, Theater Camp and Bottoms. Are Taylor Swift and Talking Heads charging too much for their movies? Pete bought a Taylor's Version. Support the podcast and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) Summer + hats (08:10) Idle Hands Oktoberfest (31:10) Driving and fantasy football (51:35) Movies and movie texts (01:10:07) Taylor Swift + Talking Heads movie prices (01:13:46) Pete bought a Taylor's Version
Zach Bryan is all over the TL. Who is he? Michael Fassbender is back. DJ sees Gran Turismo and is ready to still not play video games probably. Just weeks after the screaming Taylor Swift fan made waves, an Adele fan has entered the chat, but with an interesting twist that has the boys charmed. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (0:00) Zach Bryan and industry plants (7:57) Taylor Lautner news (12:11) The apostrophe/being lost (25:26) Bounceback Fassbender (30:36) Gran Turismo!!! (41:25) Another screaming fan concert-versy (46:28) Bruce Springsteen concert
Trying to make sense of Jason Aldean's skinny legs. Pete is back into golf again. DJ has a run-in with law enforcement. We review the rated-R dog comedy 'Strays.' You know about all these states in America? (00:00) Intro (02:10) Jason Aldean’s legs (05:40) Golf (09:59) DJ’s run-in with the law (14:54) ‘Strays’ review (23:30) ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ & raunchy comedies (29:39) Provincetown & Maine (32:20) Baseball talk (40:15) Geography talk (48:20) Fantasy football & Lactaid
Sports talk turns into a therapeutic heart-to-heart. Pete finally figures out how Letterboxd works. Rachel Zegler is pissing people off on her Snow White press tour. How loud are you allowed to scream at a Taylor Swift concert? (00:00) Sports/footy talk (15:10) Heart-to-heart (29:40) Movie talk (41:55) Rachel Zegler (47:20) Taylor Swift concert etiquette
It's a double feature as the bad boys review Dreamin' Wild and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Instagram has come for Pete with the Paramore videos. DJ is ordering oatmeal in restaurants. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (0:00) Intro/Midsommar (3:58) Directors/ice cream (10:35) More Paramore vids (18:19) 'Dreamin Wild' review (31:00) Oatmeal (43:43) 'TMNT: Mutant Mayhem' review (54:54) Bruce Springsteen
We have gone vi-reel again & our algorithms are leading us to strange places. Is Instagram in bed with Hayley Williams and Paramore? The 'Saw X' trailer is out. We review the intensely hyped A24 horror movie 'Talk To Me.' A beloved establishment in Boston is under siege by a vicious gang of seagulls. (00:00) Reels/algorithms (14:55) Hayley Williams/Paramore (22:42) 'Saw X' (31:19) 'Talk To Me' review (41:17) Seagull terrorists (52:15) 'Oppenheimer' rewatch (57:05) Sinead O’Connor & Paul Reubens
It's a unique time in pop culture, as everybody is actually going to the movies and seeing two whole films. We review both 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' and bring in Ellen Fleming to discuss the past few days of Barbenheimer mania. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch. (0:00) Intro (1:27) Pete not fun (4:37) 'Barbie' review (18:08) 'Oppenheimer' review (28:27) Barbie + Oppenheimer with Ellen Fleming (56:14) Mariah Carey
Did DJ buzz his head for content? Did Pete watch all the Mission: Impossible movies? Country music is a PR nightmare and we're going to put a challenge to the test. A case for July being the worst month. Support the show and get bonus content: patreon.com/listentobrunch (00:00) Hair/pop punk (12:41) Country music PR (25:18) Jason Aldean (34:54) Mission: Impossible (41:31) 'The Bear' discourse