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Crime Classics: Twenty-Three Knives Against Caesar
June 09, 2023 · 29 min

“Crime Classics” was a radio true crime series that aired from 1953 to 1954, and was created, produced, and directed by Elliott Lewis. The show was unique in its format, as each episode recreated a historical murder or crime, detailing the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself, and its aftermath. The show’s writers relied heavily on historical documents and accounts to ensure accuracy in their storytelling.

One of the most notable aspects of “Crime Classics” was its use of humor and satire to lighten the tone of some of the more gruesome or shocking stories. This allowed the show to appeal to a wider audience while still staying true to the dark subject matter. The show was also known for its impressive sound effects and music, which added to the atmosphere of each episode.

Each episode was hosted by Thomas Hyland, a fictional character who presented the details of each case with a dry wit and a hint of sarcasm. The show’s tagline, “a series of true crime stories taken from the records and newspapers of every land, from every time,” added to the sense of authenticity and realism that the show aimed to convey.

Despite only running for one season, “Crime Classics” is still remembered as one of the most innovative and well-produced true crime radio series of all time. Its influence can still be seen in modern true crime podcasts and television shows.

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