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Emily the Criminal, Decision to Leave, and The White Lotus s2 finale
December 13, 2022 · 51 min
We discuss Emily the Criminal and Decision to Leave, two films about crimes of passion. 02:05 Emily the Criminal, streaming on Netflix, is an impressive feature film debut that hits all the right notes, and then some. 18:27 Decision to Leave, streaming on Mubi, is stylish, unbridled, and utterly, unexpectedly romantic. 35:34 Plus, The White Lotus SEASON 2 FINALE!!! ... Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For extended show notes — including links that we reference, plus more — subscribe to our Substack. Inquiries, complaints, and recs for what to watch can go to criticismisdead@gmail.com. Music: REEKAH Artwork and design: Sara Macias and Andrew Liu