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TSITP: Season 2 Trailer Recap (ft. August) (Cinematic Version)
June 17, 2023 · 39 min

Wowowowow, if there were ever a moment for an emergency episode…it’s right now🤯 We just have to talk about the season 2 trailer for The Summer I Turned Pretty immediately. So many clips, so many emotions, so many thoughts!!! From the opening hairshake, the infinity necklace, the tears - this trailer did not disappoint. We watched the entire thing about fifty times in 0.5 speed so that we could recap and talk about every little detail. You know how much we love TSITP on this podcast, and we look for any reason to talk about it more. In this episode, we breakdown the trailer, discuss our thoughts on season 2 and predict what other songs Jenny Hann is going to break our hearts with this summer. We covered all 3 books in this series in previous episodes on this podcast, so make sure to listen to those too (if you haven’t already)!!Check out @dbatbpodcast on instagram for episode updates, giveaways and so much more fun! Ask about out Facebook group Swifties & book lovers become instant friends. As always, thank you for your support - we hope you have as much fun as we do. Happy weekend💋