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Long Lost Puzzle: What happened to the grizzly bears and old growth redwoods?
July 07, 2023 · 41 min
Up until the 1850s, the East Bay was home to hundreds of grizzlies and some of the tallest redwoods in the history of the planet. Within about a decade of the Gold Rush, nearly all of the bears and the trees were wiped out. This episode looks back at the local environment before colonization—and explores how such a massive wave of devastation was able to change the landscape so quickly. Note: This episode was originally released in 2018. It’s being reposted now in celebration of the Long Lost Puzzle, available now for pre-order: https://oaklandpuzzle.com/products/long-lost-oakland Come to a free Long Lost Oakland presentation on July 31! Details here: https://eastbayyesterday.com/events/journey-through-long-lost-oakland/ To listen to the rest of the Long Lost Oakland miniseries, find the links on this page: https://eastbayyesterday.com/long-lost-oakland/