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Episode 2: Fanworks: A Personal History
September 07, 2022 · 57 min
We take a brief trip through the history of fanworks and how they've been distributed, and discuss the most popular fanfiction in our top three fandoms. If you're looking for some recommendations Chris recommends "not exactly where i need to be (and yet it seems so close)" by varnes, "find other muses" by deadspy, and "a long winter" by dropdeaddream and whatarefears for the It, The Goldfinch, and Marvel fandoms. Crystal recommends "the whole estate of mortal man" by amiril, "breathless (a tale of eggsy unwin)" by xxjinchuurikixx, and "hi, you were my husband in another life, professor" by littlebirdtold for the Black Sails, Kingsman, and Star Trek fandoms. Crystal's actual favorite Kingsman fic was too explicit to list, so you will have to settle for second place. Our intro and outro music is All the Ugly Space Folk by HoliznaCC0.