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Fighting In The War Room: A Movies And Pop Culture Podcast

Katey, Matt, Da7e and David
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This week, we definitely all saw and want to talk about Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse for the main segment of the show, but otherwise ideas and recommendations fly freely in this week’s episode. Da7e is looking for something to see in theaters this Friday and gets the download on the movies from Katey, Patches, and […]
This week, we finally get to talk about that Nintendo game the three guys have been playing – it’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! Then, Katey needs book recommendations for young readers, and all four hosts jump in with some TV they enjoyed from this spring’s television season. Take a listen, embed […]
This week, we’re joined by Christopher Rosen from GoldenDerby.com and the Golden Derby podcast who tries to convince Katey to finish Mrs. Davis (on Peacock!) and to talk to Da7e about Fast X, the newest Fast and Furious movie (PLEASE NOTE – THE ENTIRE FAST X SECTION IS FULL SPOILER as the boys try to […]
This week, David’s off seeing movies in Cannes, so Da7e, Patches, and Katey assemble in the War Room to talk about a very important entry in the Fast & Furious franchise that directly leads into this weekend’s Fast X: 2011’s Fast Five. Before that, though, the three talk about the current state of A.I. apps […]
This week, major organizations have declared the pandemic over, so we halt our count with a (hopefully) final Pandemic Check-In that covers movies, television, books, and video games. Then, Katey Rich has returned to watching reality TV with Traitors on Peacock, finally Da7e and Patches return to the MCU for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume […]
This week, The Writers Guild of America has called for a strike and all four hosts speculate on what that means and have memories of the 2007/2008 writer’s strike. Then, all the boys have been playing the new Respawn game Jedi Survivor and report back. Finally, Da7e and Katey reflect on Are You There God? […]
This week, David manages to join Da7e for a review of Beau is Afraid before a child asks him to stop. Then, Katey and Patches review Peter Pan & Wendy, the new Disney Plus movie before Da7e, Patches, and Katey jump into a review of the first season of Beef on Netflix Take a listen, […]
Evaluating Past Dates and Movies It’s another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell!  After a slight delay for a new Ehrlich child, the podcast finally gets around to episode 425 – The Date Quell. Each host has picked a movie that they went on a date to go see, which means personal stories piled on […]
This week, HBO Max has rebranded its streaming service once again and announced some interesting projects, like one that looks poised to traumatize a handful of 12 year old actors. Then, Da7e reports back from 2023’s most profitable film: Super Mario Bros! Finally, David Ehrlich gets enough time away from the baby to join in […]
This week, Patches has to step out of the War Room, so Katey and Da7e decide to check-in on David Ehrlich, who is podcasting in the same room as a very new baby. David fills us in on what he’s been doing during his “time off.” Then, Katey and Da7e have nothing but praise for […]