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Fighting In The War Room: A Movies And Pop Culture Podcast

Katey, Matt, Da7e and David
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This week, David is off beginning the fall festival run, so Katey, Patches, and Da7e convene in the war room. First, Katey wants to know what a “Feel Good” movie is and how it’s different from a comfort watch. Then, all three hosts talk UNION MOVIES with Katey watching Boxcar Bertha, and Patches and Da7e […]
This week, everyone is back in the war room for one week (fall festivals incoming!). We kick it off with a question from Matt Patches about SAG waivers for promoting non-AMPTP produced films, then Katey and Da7e check in on the new season of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu, and finally get to […]
This week, an expected vacation and an unexpected storm leaves only David and Da7e in the War Room for a loose, not-even-numbered episode where David reviews Blue Beetle, Da7e recommends Al-Mummia (AKA The Night of Counting the Years), there’s some talk about Love Island and then more talk about Marvel Snap.
This week, Patches is back in the War Room with Da7e and Katey! This week, Katey’s discovery of an old hard drive has the hosts debating how to deal with personal archives. Then, Katey saw Seth Rogan on screen before Turtles started and wonders why these pre-movie bumpers became a thing. Finally, Da7e and Katey […]
This week, summer vacations and child illness strikes again, leaving the War Room just for Katey and Da7e this week. Katey took some spare time to check out Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Da7e watched it recently, so they both sing the praises of this under-appreciated gem. Then, Katey wasn’t here last […]
Of course Katey is on vacation for the Barbie episode. This week, Da7e, David, and Patches jump into the War Room to talk about the trajectory of actor/director Greta Gerwig’s films before jumping into a review of Barbie and the various reactions to the massive hit of a film that is also a Mattel ad. […]
This week, Katey, David, and Patches jump into the War Room to talk about the trajectory of director Christopher Nolan’s films before jumping into a lengthy review of Oppenheimer, which includes “The Oppenheimer Game” where your hosts go round robin attempting to remember the stacked cast. Also, more info on Katey’s Marvel Snap deck! Take […]
This week, everyone is back in the war room. David has watched Apple TV’s Hijack and loves the smooth brain action. Everyone else is getting through The Bear season 2 and all four hosts discuss how the binge model is working these days. Katey and Da7e saw Pixar’s Elemental and hope it keeps some legs […]
Since Twitter might have imploded and we don’t know if we’re on Bluesy or threads, just a little message from Da7e on the main feed letting you know we’ll be back next week.
This week, David and Katey are out for summer reasons, so Da7e and Matt Patches convene to discuss a variety of random topics, including big questions and mini-reviews trying not to cancel the show or each other. Da7e gives a mini-review on why he liked Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny more than other […]