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DressX has designs on fashion's digital future
December 08, 2022 · 54 min
We want your feedback! Fill out our listener survey for a chance to win a $100 Patagonia gift card. This week, we’re setting our news feeds aside and spending our time with Natalia Modenova of DressX, a multi-brand retailer and innovator for Web3. If you’ve followed digital fashion at all lately, you’ve definitely heard of DressX. Since 2019 they’ve been in every conversation about what fashion in the metaverse could be. They’ve created a retail ecosystem for digital fashion that works as well as any e-commerce platform. And they’ve partnered with brands, designers, influencers and bloggers to bring digital fashion to the masses.   We have so many questions!! What are the business models? What keeps brands from competing versus collaborating? Are digital fashion items usable across all metaverse platforms? How is the digital design ecosystem different from traditional ones? Is there evidence that this reduces demand from real clothes and leads to sustainable consumption? Will users always feel a bit seasick wearing digital fashion in the metaverse?? Natalia brings us the answers. And....we're still talking about Denma. Have a question for Christina, Rachel and Shilla? Give us a call at (508) 622-5361.‬ We might feature your voicemail in an upcoming episode. Resources:   DressX official website L’Officiel interview with DressX WWD on DressX fundraise Vogue Business on Meta, Avatars, and DressX Click here for a full transcript. Hot Buttons is a production of Post Script Media. The show is hosted by Christina Binkley, Rachel Kibbe, and Shilla Kim-Parker. Follow the show on Twitter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices