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Dr. Andrew Rimby Gets Vulnerable...What Happens After You Get a PhD?
August 16, 2023 · 32 min

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The time has come for me, Dr. Andrew Rimby to open up and get vulnerable on this podcast. I rarely, if ever, have recorded a solo episode, let alone one that reveals that I'm scared and don't know what my future holds. However, I have so many cheering me on, including all of you who listen to the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, that I thought I should get vulnerable and open up about what happens after you receive a PhD. What happens when you apply for over 10 jobs and you don't receive an interview? What happens when you realize that you might not work in academia? I realized that I need to take pride and own that I created a small business and it's called The Ivory Tower Boiler Room. I'm going to enter into this next chapter of my life by being more open, honest, and vulnerable. I'm going to take a chance on myself and my creative abilities. Thank you all for allowing me to feel so comfortable to break the fourth wall and explain how I'm processing finishing my PhD and what the future holds for Andrew Rimby!

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