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Ep 044: Chf Tech Dinga Bell - Royal Air Force Veteran
January 10, 2024 · 127 min

Dinga joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1963, and served for 37 years as an Aircraft Engineer, reaching the rank of Chief Technician (Chf Tech).In this episode Dinga talks about joining the RAF through the RAF Apprenticeship Scheme, and learning the basic skills as an Aircraft Engineer, before being stationed at many different locations around the world. Which included the UK, Singapore and Germany, where he gained experience working on many aircraft from Hawker Hunter jets to Wessex helicopters.Dinga also shares being stations around the UK in the latter part of his career, where he got to work on an array of aircraft including Tornado jets, Victor Tankers, Hawks and Hercules. He talks about the steps he took when leaving the RAF, after a 37 year career, and what that transition back to civilian life was like for him.

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