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Ep 046: Sgt Stu Hale - British Parachute Regt Veteran
March 10, 2024 · 134 min

Stu initially joined the Royal Marines Commandos in 1998, then moved over to the Parachute Regiment in the British Army and served for a total of 17 years, reaching the rank of Sergeant (Sgt). He specialised as a Sniper.In this episode Stu talks about going through and completing training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), before choosing to move over to the British Parachute Regiment. He shares operational tours in Northern Ireland and Iraq, and was also part of exchange programs with American and Italian Paras. Plus the steps he took in becoming a Sniper.Stu also shares operational tours in Afghanistan, with the first including a life changing incident where a mine strike took place in Kajaki. He would loose his right leg from the blast, but he was eager to rejoin his team on tour, and after rehabilitation became the first amputee to redeploy out to Afghanistan. Stu went back to the crater in Kajaki where the incident happened, which helped him with his mental recovery. Later a movie would be released based on this event called ‘Kajaki’, or ‘Kilo Two Bravo’ for the U.S. market.Watch Episode on YouTubePart 1: youtu.be/G1ItjhpKrPEPart 2: youtu.be/vw1zuXJh0ZwTikTok:tiktok.com/@militaryveteranspodcastInstagram:instagram.com/militaryveteranspodcastX:twitter.com/MilVetPodcastLinkedIn:linkedin.com/company/military-veterans-podcastMerchandise:milvetpodcast.com/merch

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