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Ep 047: LCpl Steve Enright - British Army Veteran
June 10, 2024 · 78 min

Steve joined the British Army in 1986 and served for 12 years, as part of The Queen’s Regiment, which later amalgamated and became part of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR). He reached the rank of Lance Corporal (LCpl).In this episode Steve talks about joining the British Army as a Junior Soldier at Shorncliffe, before heading to Bassingbourn Barracks. He shares being posted to Canterbury, then moving over to Aldergrove in Northern Ireland, and followed by a move over to Episkopi in Cyprus.Steve also shares a tour to the Falkland Islands, and then another posting to Northern Ireland, this time in Omagh. During this time, the Regiment amalgamates with The Royal Hampshire Regiment and Steve talks about the challenges with these Regiments merging. After leaving the British Army and finding his feet, Steve becomes a Fire Fighter, and completes another 12 years service. Watch Episode on YouTubePart 1: youtu.be/HqHRXl6oqQEPart 2: youtu.be/ecfN02GJcb0TikTok:tiktok.com/@militaryveteranspodcastInstagram:instagram.com/militaryveteranspodcastX:twitter.com/MilVetPodcastLinkedIn:linkedin.com/company/military-veterans-podcastMerchandise:milvetpodcast.com/merch

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