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Veteran Viewpoint 20: Richard Foster
April 20, 2024 · 22 min

Full Episode: Ep 020 - Sgt Richard Foster from 10th January 2022.In this Veteran Viewpoint: Richard talks about living with PTSD and coping by being busy and structuring his life around having no down time. This included becoming a lawyer and owning his own ranch.He also wrote a book about his time in the Vietnam War, to help others understand what it's like fighting a war on the ground,  called Kilo 3.Lastly Richard gives some great advice for people thinking of joining the military and also great advice for veterans out there - talk to another veteran.Watch Full Episode on YouTube:Part 1: youtu.be/1eovBSLy20EPart 2: youtu.be/DzoGTv5G7rcTikTok:tiktok.com/@militaryveteranspodcastInstagram:instagram.com/VeteranViewpointX:twitter.com/MilVetPodcastLinkedIn:linkedin.com/company/military-veterans-podcastMerchandise:milvetpodcast.com/merch

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