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Movie and Music reviews from The Brown Note radio show presented by Julian Brown, recorded unscripted, unedited and live. Also on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCggKb5ezgKFT5M27z75jVcQ


Another 4K retro review and a real eyeopener. Perhaps my idea of this film had been sullied by subsequent sequels but it is far less goofy or zany than I remembered, and far more thoughtful and, often beautiful. It also hews far closer to the original of these films, the classic Out of Sight. With as charismatic a cast as modern films get, an iconic soundtrack from David Holmes, a surprisingly brilliant script, and more style than is even fair, it rivals The Sting as the greatest heist movie ever made. It is also, on every level, one of the most perfectly made films put together this century.
I swear these films are getting worse. Removing anything remotely charming or funny about the first two films and with a main cast that appears tonally to be acting in different movies, this is an objectively worse film than the awful Shazam 2, but a brilliant Jonathan Majors villain, Kang, and some pretty pictures, save it from a big fat zero out of ten.
An overview of the iconic, yet somehow awful festival - including the elephant in the room (that isn't Frank Ocean). Consider this - on the biggest night of the biggest music festival in America, the four biggest acts on the biggest stage - in a row - did not feature one single musician playing an instrument. Half the acts sing over the top of backing tracks and some even mimed their entire sets. This is a disgrace and for the biggest live music festival in the USA, there's disturbingly little live music. Also reviews of the highlights, including Rosalia, Boygenius, Jai Paul and Blink 182 but also the low lights, Gorillaz, Blackpink, Calvin Harris, the mimers and of course the already notorious Frank Ocean. Lol - I said there's a 60% chance he would cancel week 2 and he already has, disgrace of a man didn't even mention the fans that spent thousands on flights, tickets and accommodation and didn't even say sorry. F*** Frank Ocean.
I swear the comic-book/super-hero movies are getting worse, in what maybe their long downward spiral. Amazingly this universe-connected film is even worse than Black Adam - by miles. Incredibly unambitious story, mid-to-bottom tier characters, barely passable acting and the most monumental air of will this do yet. Awful on every level.
The Adam Driver/Young Gomora(!!!) starring sci-fi got royally trashed by critics, but due to a great premise and some nice production design, just about limps over the line for a once through.
A perfect 10/10 for the greatest Western of the last forty years, with a special emphasis on the career best - and Breaking Bad relatable - performance from director Clint Eastwood's finest hour.
After acquiring a big TV, continuing my journey back through widescreen classics. Here Martin Scorcese's luxurious follow up to the greatest gangster film of all time, Goodfellas. Another classic no doubt but the main takeaway from this review is that it isn't better than that film, as I and many others have often claimed.
Finally! a review of one of the biggest movies of all time and also one of the most inexplicable successes. Once I watched it, I realized why - it's solely aimed at 12 year old boys, and no one is talking about how sexualised the blue girls are. It's basically a $400 million dollar blue alien fantasy for 12 year old boys. It also is visually like a gaudy Saturday morning CGI kids tv show, with 90's slang, flat acting, awful writing, next to no story and its acclaimed visuals representing a high definition screen saver - earning it a rare big fat zero out of ten.
A slightly odd story about being TV shamed, has led me to the world of giant 4K TV's and subsequently, re-watching widescreen classics. Here Ridley Scott's genre re-birthing sword and sandals epic stands up well for it's great, dynamic, propulsive screenplay and a superb central cast of characters and performances. It's also probably more relevant to modern politics and populism than ever.
The two beloved stalwarts of underground weird rap are a logical combination - and a possible next level Run The Jewels (which is literally a track name here). It's wild, imaginative fun, swerving minute to minute - but the mixing on the vocals can be off. Still probably the best rap album so far this year and a blast.