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S1E1. What Is Fanfiction? (or, Children with Unsupervised Internet Access in the Early 2000s)
May 25, 2022 · 57 min
Lani (@copper_dust) and Jo (@pebblysand) sit down for a general chat about fanfiction, original fiction and the origins of the podcast. They discuss discovering fanfiction as kids with unsupervised internet access in the 2000s, what it means to write fanfiction as adults, and how blurry the line between fanfiction and original fiction can be.Your recommendations for this month are:  The Elements of Style by Strunk & White for writing and stylistic tips! dirgewithoutmusic on AO3 for excellent, non-cliché HP fic the divine comedian also on AO3 for someone so good they could get published if they filed off serial numbers You can find Jo and Lani online at: Lani (@copper-dust): tumblr ; AO3 Jo (@pebblysand): tumblr ; AO3