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S1E13. An Evening Chat with @ala_baguette (Or, People Are Interesting!)
November 25, 2022 · 69 min

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) sits down for a chat with a lovely guest and fantastic writer, @ala_baguette. They talk about writing very similar fics in the same Harry Potter niche, both covering a similar time period, similar themes, and which seem to have similar audiences. They discuss @ala_baguette’s love for OCs and "Gen" fanfiction, as well as her determination to break the fanfic “stigma” in real life. Lastly, they also touch on the topic of self-promotion, the importance of comments and engagement for fanfic writers, and @ala_baguette's experience, going through a ten-year writing hiatus. 

This week, we mention: 

castles and ROAR by @pebblysand  Knowing Where to Look, Left Behind and A Lonely Path by @ala_baguette Our previous episodes on OCs and Point of View @ala_baguette also mentions Jo’s fic “written in future tense” - vicious as roman rule

Your recommendations for this week are:

Neil Gaiman’s masterclass The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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