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S1E15. 2022 Wrap-Up (Or, We Have At Least Three Listeners)
December 21, 2022 · 68 min

In this episode, Jo (@pebblysand) and Lani (@copper-dust) do a 2022 fanfiction wrap-up. They look back on the year they’ve just had, talk about their feelings about fanfiction and fandom in general, and answer some of your questions about their personal favourites. Lani tells us about the impact the pandemic had on her writing and Jo gets fairly emotional answering one of the questions we received. We also talk about our plans for 2023, both with fanfic and the podcast, and give you all a few, end-of-year recommendations to take away. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank all of you for listening and engaging with this crazy project of ours, and we look forward to what the new year has in stock. Particularly, we would also like to extend our thanks to the amazing writers and creators we’ve been lucky enough to have on this first season: @venom0usbarbie, @tessiete, @crazybutgood, @newsom and @ala_baguette 

Just a quick word of warning, in this episode, I read out one of the comments I got this year, which mentions the topic of sexual assault. If you want to skip that, it’s around the 39 minute mark, and lasts about 6 minutes. 

This week, we mention: 

castles, vicious as roman rule, the fault in faulty manufacturing and the wolf’s just puppy (and the door's double-locked) by @pebblysand  Storge, The Seam Between, Check the Spindle and Merry Men by @copper_dust Dancing With The Lion by Jeanne Reames (@jeannereames) Jo’s tumblr post about controversial writing, the reasons behind chapter 8, and the ask.  HP favourites: seven simple machines by fluorescentgrey (@yeats-infection) and thirty-five owls by letterblade Non-HP favourites: Rous'd His Drowsy Blood by lanyon (The Iliad), A Matter of Apples by  Apollo_Xandos and Clean Dresses, Brass Tits, and the Importance of a Good Hatpin by voodoochild (@shes-a-voodoo-child) (podfic by originally) (Peaky Blinders) castles playlist

Your recommendations for this week are:

Trying to set a low and achievable daily wordcount goal  Patronising your local library Having a good holiday season

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