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Bonus Episode: Gigachads and Sigma Wolves
April 18, 2023 · 28 min
After The New Gurus was released, there was one question Helen Lewis was asked far more than any other: why are so many gurus men? Stuck for an answer, she journeys into the world of the Manosphere - home to 'Gigachads' and 'Sigma Wolves'. Joining Helen on her journey is a reporter who once got (consensually) punched by the world's most Googled man, Andrew Tate, plus the former Love Island contestant and now successful podcaster, Chris Williamson. Helen also takes to the mat to find out why three of her original subjects - Sam Harris, Joe Rogan and Russell Brand - all studied the same hardcore martial art. What do men want? The answer, it seems, is very long podcasts. Producer: Tom Pooley Sound design and mix: Rob Speight Editor: Craig Templeton Smith Original music composed by Paper Tiger A Tempo & Talker production for BBC Radio 4