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Mon 07 Aug: Sinister Agenda (Part 2 Of 2) - Karma Collection - J6 Not Nice - Disease X - Airborne Virus - Ultimate Beast - Truth's Light
August 07, 2023 · 84 min
When people try to blow out the light of truth, they get burned. The off ramps for evil have been built. Fish beg for catch and release. Service to the country is righteous. The DNA harvesting parties of 2020. Finding those that hide their faces. God is the only retribution you need. Those weren't really mistakes, but planned. We didn't have to be here right now. The truth comes from dust in the arena. Super salty Tore is rubbing it in. Once they pass the bill we'll decide. VOC's and the pharma effects. Essential oils on direct pathways to the brain. Taste and smell means a big hit. The oil slick to the brain. She threatened to fumigate him out of the White House. Swabbing lessons from March, 2020. DNA harvesting parties are key. Bio-terror attacks are untraceable when viruses hijack our own mechanisms. Making needed proteins. Experts say Disease X is inevitable. So many nice generals participate in these things. Tele-health and gold are future bait. Leprosy will be in the news soon. It's how they took out Milosevic. Can it be an aerosol? When evil creates the ultimate beast in the perfect host. Free Assange and impeach 44. With our head on a swivel we can see the future. Now we must work to shape it with the truth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices