August 17, 2023 · 6 min
ThreeThirty Podcast Radio Category Labeled: Boogie Rhythm Music Welcome to I Always Knew!, the podcast where we explore the stories of people who followed their intuition and achieved their dreams. I'm your host, ThreeThirty, and I'm here to inspire you to listen to your inner voice and pursue your passion. This podcast is brought to you by ThreeThirty Podcast Radio, a platform that showcases the best podcasts from around the world. You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. Just search for ThreeThirty Podcast Radio and subscribe to get access to our amazing content. Today, we have a very special guest who will share his journey of becoming a successful musician and songwriter. He is none other than ThreeThirty himself, the founder of ThreeThirty Podcast Radio and the author of the hit song "I Always Knew!". He will tell us how he overcame the challenges and doubts that he faced along the way, and how he used his intuition to guide him in his creative process. Stay tuned for this exclusive interview with ThreeThirty, only on I Always Knew! I Always Knew!