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ICE Insanity!
June 09, 2023 · 53 min
We salute our newest Patreon members. Thank you: Connie, Martin, and Dan! --- Welcome to an icy exploration of reality on this episode of "What The IF?" Dive headfirst into a brain-freezing alternate universe, as Philip, Freya, Gabby, and Matt grapple with an extraordinary question, submitted by our Super Iffer listener, Martin from Frankfurt: What the if... water did not have its highest density at plus four degrees Celsius? The team embarks on an adventure that treads the fine line between physics and biology, unwrapping the counter-intuitive conundrums and startling possibilities that lie ahead. In this bewildering world, ice doesn't float and frozen lakes become deadly traps for aquatic life. Discover how this slight shift in water's properties could send catastrophic ripples through ecosystems, extinguishing fish populations and upsetting the balance of life. The conversation spans from the microscopic intricacies of water molecules and the life-saving 'anti-freeze' proteins in fish, all the way to the grand scale of planetary bodies. The team also makes a cosmic detour to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, reputed to hold more water than Earth, highlighting the universal significance of water's unique properties. Could life exist in a world where water behaves differently? Listen in, as the team freezes the status quo and takes you on a fascinating journey through the ice-cold unknown. --- Listen to Gaby's guest appearance on the “Students of Life” podcast: https://studentsoflife.podbean.com/e/science-communication-and-science-fiction-writing/ Find out more about Gaby's upcoming science fiction short story publication, coming soon! Here are the links for the anthology. The physical copy can be pre-ordered here : https://www.neonhemlock.com/books/luminescent-machinations-queer-tales-of-monumental-invention The ebook can be pre-ordered here: https://www.neonhemlock.com/ebooks/luminescent-machinations-queer-tales-of-monumental-invention