Episode cover
Space Vacuum MONSTERS!
July 28, 2023 · 54 min
Today’s cover art is by our Super IFFer listener, Josh Haberman! It’s inspired by our episode “Underwater Civilizations” and he says, it’s inspired by something Gaby said in the show. Josh explains: “I think the description was along the lines of "We're setting up on a beach and marching out of the water are heavy metal merpeople blitzed out in whalebone armor with breathing bladders over their heads". I used jellyfish as the breathing bladders though I don't know if that would work science wise XD.”We thank you Josh! See more of Josh’s work on his homepage: https://artofjoshhaberman.blogspot.com/And we encourage all of you to send in your artwork inspired by anything in the IF’s of the past or present! In this week’s episode, dive into the thrilling cosmic wilderness as your hosts, Philip and Gaby, grapple with space vacuum monsters! This exhilarating journey is filled with metaphoric Kaiju, colossal cosmic beings that inhabit the most inhospitable corners of the universe. As we navigate this celestial safari, we challenge the tenets of physics, question the nature of emptiness, and confront the enigmatic denizens of the cosmic vacuum. Philip and Gaby, armed with curiosity and a sense of adventure, are your guides through the fascinating world of theoretical possibilities. Drawing from Gaby's expertise in virology and Philip's knack for storytelling, they entertain and educate with a unique blend of scientific insight and sci-fi wonder. Tune in to discover the unimaginable realities that could exist beyond our terrestrial sphere. In "Space Vacuum MONSTERS!", we delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, venturing into thought experiments and scientific speculations. Each moment is a collision of knowledge and imagination, as we bring science, philosophy, and the joy of "what if" to your ears. Whether you're a scientist, a sci-fi fan, or just a curious mind looking for an intriguing listen, this episode promises a riveting exploration of the cosmic unknown. --- Find out more about Gaby's upcoming science fiction short story publication, coming soon! Here are the links for the anthology. The physical copy can be pre-ordered here : https://www.neonhemlock.com/books/luminescent-machinations-queer-tales-of-monumental-invention The ebook can be pre-ordered here: https://www.neonhemlock.com/ebooks/luminescent-machinations-queer-tales-of-monumental-invention --- Check out our membership rewards! Visit us at Patreon.com/Whattheif Got an IF of your own? Want to have us consider your idea for a show topic? Send YOUR IF to us! Email us at feedback@whattheif.com and let us know what's in your imagination. No idea is too small, or too big! Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe at WhatTheIF.com Keep On IFFin', Philip, Matt & Gaby