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Can trauma in childhood become a driving force for success in later life?
May 15, 2023 · 57 min
In their book What I Wish I’d Known When I Was Young, they interview the likes of Ruth Davidson and Mary Portas and explore the psychology behind their experiences. Hayley is joined by Alice Thomson and also by the science writer David Robson, who investigates the potential issues with the psychological concept of Post-Traumatic Growth. The latest political workplace scandal centres around Plaid Cymru in Wales where the party’s leader Adam Price has resigned after a report described it as being a toxic workplace with evidence of misogyny, harassment and bullying. But such claims are or have been found in all the main political parties despite each putting codes of conducts and complaints procedures to address concerns in these areas. Are behaviours like bullying and abusive behaviour concentrated in certain work places, whether its politics, or institutions like the police or fire service? We hear from the former Welsh Assembly politician Bethan Sayed about the situation facing her former party Plaid Cymru and also to the journalist Kate Maltby, Dr Nicola Thomas from the Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield and Baroness Dame Louise Casey who conducted a review into the Metropolitan Police. Cinematic feminist pioneer Nina Menkes speaks about her new docu-film about the objectification of women in film, and the male gaze, called Brainwashed: Sex-Power-Camera. And the issue of when to allow your children to get a mobile phone with Molly Kingsley from the campaign group UsForThem. Presenter: Hayley Hassall Producer: Lisa Jenkinson Studio Manager: Bob Nettles