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Everything is Tik Tok, Influencers are loosing taction, and people more and more decide to leave the toxic culture of social media. We curated 3 episodes on how social media is affecting people in real life and what they are doing about it.
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Last updated: Apr 25, 2023
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The Sleepover Club: Why Is Everyone Angry At Instagram (Again)?
The Polyester Podcast

Everyone, including The Kardashians, are very very upset with Instagram. After the head of the app was forced to make a statement following an onslaught of complaints by high profile users towards Instagram's insistence to become TikTok - we're once again taking a deep dive into all of the current social media drama. Why are people protesting outside Meta's HQ? Do celebrities have a right to complain about the algorithm? And did you know high follower users get special treatment when it comes to community guidelines? Ione and Halima are here to break it all down while contemplating how to move forward when using an app that clearly holds contempt for its users.

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Why Leave Instagram?
A Drink With a Friend

More and more folks are talking about the ills of social media, but the platforms remain hugely popular (and addictive). Seth asks Tsh about her recent decision to leave Instagram even though "they" say writers should be there if they want to sell books. She was willing to leave her large-ish following and decade-plus feed for something better — and she has zero regrets.

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