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Episode 23 - Dom Famularo Tribute
October 07, 2023 · 74 min

On September 28, 2023, the drumming world lost a hero. Highly regarded as drumming’s Global Ambassador,  Dom Famularo was a beacon of light in the music industry.

Based out of Long Island, NY, Dom was a drummer, world renowned educator, motivational speaker, mentor and a friend. His passion and enthusiasm was infectious and everyone who was ever blessed to be in his presence was uplifted and inspired by him.

Facing a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer over the last couple of years, Dom fought valiantly to overcome this disease just as he faced and overcame  so many obstacles throughout his life. 

Even when things were really tough at times, he faced this challenge with a sense of grace. He devoted his attention to empower and encourage thousands who continued to reach out when they needed his guidance and support.

I have gathered stories from many throughout the industry who’s lives were impacted by Dom. This tribute is a celebration of his legacy and to show the world just how he impacted our lives through his kindness and support. It is through their stories that I want to tell how much he affected all of us.

Now, sit back and take some time to listen to only a few of the countless stories of some of the lives he impacted. Let’s allow Dom’s legacy to empower us to face and overcome our own obstacles, live our lives with passion, commit to always aspire to greatness, encourage each other, and always be kind.

 As Dom would always say… Onward and Upward!