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Drummers Pathway Podcast

Michael Scott
24 episodes   Last Updated: Oct 13, 23
This show features conversations with drummers, educators and other creative artists sharing their experiences and discussing the paths they have followed to pursue a life in the arts.

We have all achieved success and faced challenges in a variety of different ways and through these discussions, we will learn about how the choices we make can determine the paths that we are meant 
to follow.


On this episode, my guest is drummer Glenn Milchem. Glenn is a Toronto based musician who for over 40 years has performed and recorded with countless artists in a variety of genres. Glenn is probably best known as a member of the iconic Canadian band Blue Rodeo, which he joined in December 1991.  Glenn is also a singer and songwriter. In addition to his 2019 solo acoustic album “Fates Conspire”, he fronted his own band The Swallows as the lead singer, guitarist and composer for more than a decade. In our interview, we talk about his experiences as a member of Blue Rodeo over the years. We also discuss the creative process of the many different projects he has been involved in, and why it’s important to continue to learn and adapt as you establish your career. Follow Glenn at https://www.facebook.com/glenn.milchem & https://www.instagram.com/glennmilchem/
On September 28, 2023, the drumming world lost a hero. Highly regarded as drumming’s Global Ambassador,  Dom Famularo was a beacon of light in the music industry. Based out of Long Island, NY, Dom was a drummer, world renowned educator, motivational speaker, mentor and a friend. His passion and enthusiasm was infectious and everyone who was ever blessed to be in his presence was uplifted and inspired by him. Facing a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer over the last couple of years, Dom fought valiantly to overcome this disease just as he faced and overcame  so many obstacles throughout his life.  Even when things were really tough at times, he faced this challenge with a sense of grace. He devoted his attention to empower and encourage thousands who continued to reach out when they needed his guidance and support. I have gathered stories from many throughout the industry who’s lives were impacted by Dom. This tribute is a celebration of his legacy and to show the world just how he impacted our lives through his kindness and support. It is through their stories that I want to tell how much he affected all of us. Now, sit back and take some time to listen to only a few of the countless stories of some of the lives he impacted. Let’s allow Dom’s legacy to empower us to face and overcome our own obstacles, live our lives with passion, commit to always aspire to greatness, encourage each other, and always be kind.  As Dom would always say… Onward and Upward! https://www.domfamularo.com    
On this episode, my guest is Chris Sutherland. Chris is the current drummer for Canadian classic rock legends Streetheart, and is known for his years playing with Kim Mitchell, Sass Jordan, Saga, The Road Hammers, Randy Bachman, George Canyon and many more. He was the drummer for the Mirvish theatre productions of &Juliet, Dear Evan Hansen, Kinky Boots, Bat Out Of Hell, The Bodyguard and the long running Toronto production of Mamma Mia. He is an in demand musician known for his diversity and ability to cover almost any style. Currently, Chris has many new projects on the go, including a duo project with his wife Christina featuring music by composer Philip Glass reinterpreted for drum set and classical piano. In our interview, we talk about what it was like working as a session musician for many of the artists that he admired during his formative years. We also discuss the challenges encountered working as a drummer for broadway musicals and why it’s essential to embrace changes in technology in order to adapt and stay creative as an artist. Follow Chris at https://www.facebook.com/suds234 & https://www.instagram.com/chrissuds/
On this episode, my guest is Jim Toscano. A New York based drummer who is widely respected as an educator and technology expert, he is also the author of the successful drum method book “Filling In The Grooves” He is known for his commitment to staying current with the changes in technology and has a passion for education. Jim has assisted many of the industry’s top drummers set up successful online teaching practices. We talk about the importance of embracing technology as part of the new era of online education. We also talk about finding joy in the creative process as a recording musician and why it’s essential to stay active and encouraged even when you are facing challenges. Follow Jim at https://www.jimtoscano.com
On this episode, my guest is Stephen Taylor. Based out of Nashville, Stephen is a respected drummer and educator. He is also the founder and owner of StephensDrumShed.com as well as the creator of the Drum Better Daily system and The Drum Show podcast. He is known for not only his motivational skills as an educator but also for his passion and commitment to teaching his students the art of developing successful practice strategies. We talk about the concept and value of using deliberate practice in your learning process and why it’s essential to develop positive habits for success. We also talk about the challenges of staying motivated while prioritizing and maintaining a positive work/life balance.  Follow Stephen at https://www.stephensdrumshed.com
On this episode, my guest is drummer Clifford Koufman. Based out of Nashville, Clifford is a respected educator, who founded the Sound & Rhythm Drumming School back in 2000.  Early on in his career, he received a professional development grant to study music in West Africa. He continues to inspire others though his extensive knowledge and experience. Over 15 years ago, Clifford studied with renowned jazz musician, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, who continues to be a friend and mentor to him. Currently, Clifford is working on producing a documentary project to help tell the story of Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, introducing the teachings and philosophies of this unique creative artist. We talk about his vision and goals for this new project and why it’s essential to help bring this story to a wider audience to help maintain Ra-Kalam’s legacy. Follow Clifford Koufman at https://www.soundandrhythm.com Information on the Ra-Kalam Bob Moses Documentary Project https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/living-music-a-film-about-ra-kalam-bob-moses#/    
On this episode, my guest is drummer Ray LeVier. Based out of New York, Ray is an in demand drummer who divides his time between session work, teaching and working as a composer. At the age of 12, Ray was badly burned in a fire, which lead to years of extensive recovery. Through his recovery, his passion drove him to adapt and overcome any obstacles he encountered and he achieved his dream of becoming a drummer. Ray’s positive attitude is infectious. Through sharing his story, he inspires others to face their own obstacles, turning discouragement into a commitment to excel and live their dreams. Follow Ray at https://raylevier.com
On this episode, my guest is drummer Ben Sesar. Originally based in New Jersey, Ben went on to study at the renowned Berklee College Of Music. After college, he made the decision to move to Nashville and in 1999, he auditioned for and got the gig as the studio and touring drummer  for country artist Brad Paisley, which is a position he has held now for over 2 decades. Ben has also established himself as a respected educator and remains committed to pursuing a high level of excellence in all aspects of his life and career. In our interview, we talk about the value of being open to criticism, and why embracing these challenges can only make you better. We also discuss the realities and challenges of social media and why it’s essential to never forget the importance of living a balanced life by exploring many different paths. Follow Ben at https://www.instagram.com/bensesar/
On this episode, my guest is drummer Eric Boudreault. Eric is a drummer originally from Alma, QC who completed his studies at the Alma college of music, Sherbrooke University and Concordia University. Eric has had the honor of working on major theatrical productions for Cavalia, Cirque du Soleil, Baldyga group and many more. He has also worked with many great musicians and projects, which include the likes of Michel Cusson, John Patitucci and Alex Acuna. He also had the opportunity of recording in Los Angeles as a session drummer at the famous Sound City Studio for a more than a year. Currently, Eric works as an in demand freelance drummer on a variety of projects including the new show Karera in QUAM and continues to be an active and in demand educator. In our interview, we talk about the value of being versatile in order to meet any challenges that are presented to you. We also discuss why it is important to be able to adapt to and embrace the changes to technology in our industry and also why it’s essential to find a healthy work/life balance by making time to pursue other areas of interest to stay motivated and inspired. Follow Eric at https://ericboudreault.com
On this episode, my guest is award winning drummer Rich Redmond. Rich is a top call drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles. Known for his  rock-solid drumming, he is the sound behind many of today's top talents including Country Superstar Jason Aldean, with whom he's worked with for over 20 years. As an international motivational speaker, Rich brings his "CRASH! Course for Success" to corporate events, high schools, and colleges everywhere. He was named "Country Drummer of The Year" in Modern Drummer Magazine in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Rich is also an active music producer, songwriter, actor, podcast host and educator. His latest book, Making It In Country Music is a must read for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this industry. In our interview, we talk about how it’s essential to stay focused on pursuing your dream and never quit, despite the obstacles you will encounter. We also discuss the value of being open to feedback in order to keep building your skills and why the most important thing in pursuing a career in the arts is to build genuine relationships while remaining humble and true to yourself.  Follow Rich at https://richredmond.com