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Hosted by Mike Edwards. Ancient Post-Everything DJ. Currently broadcasting on 11 FM-LP stations. inmyroomradio@gmail.com


Jul 01, 2023
IMR: Tiger Balm
African Head Charge-Microdosing Holy Tongue-Joachim Brian Eno/David Byrne-Number 8 Mix Brian Eno-Tal Coat Ruth Anderson-Resolutions Ill Considered-Delusion The Bonk-May Feign Requiem-Tired, Hot and Bothered The Kimba Unit-Grigio Annea Lockwood-Tiger Balm   The Flying Lizards-Inside Valentina Magaletti/Zongamin-Candles (Version) Misha Panfilov-Draw Us Here 7038634357-Perfect Night Angels in America-Vulvoid/Phalliform Robert Turman-Clean Living Ela Stiles-Molten Metal Contagious Yawns-Infinite Mirror CEL-Gegenwelt
Pere Ubu-Love is Like Gravity Natural Information Society-Immemorial Bitchin Bajas/Natural Information Society-Anemometer Tilman Ehrhorn-Obfuscation Holy Tongue-Where the Wood is the Water Is Not Tera Clerkin-Castlefields Annea Lockwood-For Ruth Taylor Duepree-Eev Sofie Birch-Sudany Monde UFO-Visions of Fatima   Ill Considered-Singles Hell The Bonk-The Stars Look Good Suburban Cracked Collective-A Space Above the Mind Toshimaru Nakamura-NIMB #8 Bomis Prendin-8 A.M. Yo La Tengo-Tonight’s Episode Roedelius-Am Rockzipfel Cluster-Fotschi Tong Kosmischer Laufer-Phase IV Woo-It’s Cosy Inside Ryoji Ikeda-Supercodex 19
Jun 17, 2023
IMR: Old Joy
Art by Victo Ngai Miocolono-Blue Skies Ill Considered-Djinn Marlene Ribiero-You Do It Preslav Literary School-Bay Bolete Natural Information Society-Stigmergy General Strike-Sea Hunt Bomis Prendin-Bird Skull Brian Eno-Hardly Me Suburban Cracked Collective-A Space Above the Mind MU-Can’t Get Used Maxine Funke-Long Beach   Maral-Wondering Dub Cluster-Heibe Lippen Bushmeat Sound System-Like a Thief Ill Considered-Incantation Syrinx-Ibistix The Kimba Unit-Bronzo Ulla Straus-Past Lizard Hands-Using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Heinali-Silpo The Bonk-The Stars Look Great
  Can-Moonshake Tomaga/Pierre Bastien-Machines with Ideas Tashi Wada/Yoshi Wada-Aubade nil.-0622.4 MU-Turn Off Your Radio Bushmeat Sound System-Twins NEU!-Paradise Walk Bomis Prendin-Numbered Bones The Kimba Unit-Dream Sequence Roedelius-Regenmacher Andreas Belfi-Exotica   Lauten der Seele-Opferkerzen weihen das Betonbecken The Bug-Fathoms Vivien Goldman-P.A. Dub Cluster-James CEL-Gegenwelt Suburban Cracked Collective-Milton’s Stilton Rich Ruth-Settling In
Jun 03, 2023
IMR: Feedback 66
Art by Adam Nicely Mike Watt/The Secondmissingmen-We Got Soul Valentina Magaletti-The Unity of the Mind Nicola Ratti-M2 Nikolaienko-Jazz Tape uon duh-Under Lifted-Blackpepper Wildstyle Crew-Intro Reverse Death-Temporary Ground More Eaze-the neighborhood Will Greeson-The Last Tram   Moebius/Plank-Feedback 66 Woo-Upside Down Roberto Musci-Nexus on the Beach Kali Malone-Does Spring Hide its Joy v1.2 Mike Watt/J Mascis/Bernie Worrell-Maggot Brain General Strike-Snowdrops Keith Levene-2011 Holger Czukay-Epilogue
Art by Mark Andrew McKay The Kimba Unit-Bronzo SoiSong-Kabuki Chop Stephan Mathieu-White Heaven Zulu Souvenir-Goal Keeper Horse Lords-Zero Degree Machine (Live) The Bug-Is Death of Dream Jose Antonio Corea el de Nicaragua-Remembering the Pandemic Suzanne Ciani-Flowers of Evil   Bomis Prendin-Engine 9 Stare Case-Lost Head Lia Kohl-When Glass is There, and Water More Eaze-Eternity
Art by Marc Deb Stereolab-Variation One The Space Lady-Major Tom Anika-Terry Edgard Varese-Poeme Electronique Fire! Orchestra-ECHOES: Cala Boca Menino Horse Lords-Zero Degree Machine (Live) 33-Abominatron Loscil-Two Chambers Brian Eno-Hardly Me Pete DeVriese-You Have Been Selected The Bug-Absent Riddim   Mark Stewart and the Maffia-Learning to Cope with Cowardice Women-Lawncare Bill Nace-Ann Iriamu-A Love Song for the Machines Steve Fisk-One More Valley INSECT FACTORY-The Sea Preslav Literary School-Amethyst Deceiver Coil-Red Queen Jozef Van Wissem-Cleveland
May 13, 2023
IMR: Annihilated
Art by Paulette Ausorus Kitty Craft-Under the Apple Tree Chillera-SCHAX The Bug-Annihilated Toshimaru Nakamura-NIMB #4 Yo La Tengo-This Stupid World Preslav Literary School-Heath Naval Luke Sanger-Droplet Monde UFO-Black Triangles The Soft Pink Truth-Sunwash Heinali-Botanichnyi Sad Trees Speak-Ghost We Know   Nikolaienko/Arthur Mine-Muzak for Mesozoic Showreel Josiah Steinbrick-Heyloo/Snakeskin KMRU-just Jogging House-It’s Scanner-The Foundry The Kimba Unit-Grigio pigbaby-Ta Me Ar Muin Na Muice Lizard Hands-Faint Moments Bomis Prendin-A Lunar Equation bye!-Dreamshit surfer (bye bye) New Found Interest in Connecticut-On My Back Watching the Northern Lights Perila-Double Echo Pub-Dilemma
May 06, 2023
IMR: A.I. Love You
Art by Celine Demaerle The Flying Lizards-Her Story Al Cisneros-Rosin Immersion Terry Riley-Across the Lake of the Ancient World OOIOO-Anuenue Au Sutras-A Lotus Like Mouth Brian Eno-Bells Above The Microphones-For Kaye June 6' Joe Meek and the Saroos-Love Dance of the Saroos The Space Lady-Shakin' All Over Bomis Prendin-If You Must Speak (Please Whisper) Batu-Built on Sand CS+Creme-Bassline General Strike-Interplanetary Music Paul de Jong-Pipe Dream Cluster-Umleitung Romeo Poirier-Kyra Panagia Steve Roden-helicopter song Jon Hassell-Blue Nile Princess Diana of Wales-Evaporate Clarice Jensen-GOM David Cunningham/Yasuaki Shimizu-Corners
Apr 29, 2023
IMR: Faux Japan
Art by Luke Frueh Monde UFO-Long Division Yamasuki-Yama Yama Japan Blues-Sanzanka, Hokkai bon Tua 58918012-Progress Beak>-Nailsea Flaming Tunes_Another Flaming Tune CS & Kreme-Shred Bomis Prendin-Riding the Paddles Iceblink-Microsong Preslav Literary School-Slender Parasol Heinali-Night Walk KRMU-Other Times Masahiro Takahashi-Spring at Home   Der Plan-Einfacheit Kitty Craft-Tokyo in Spring Bomis Predin-U-Sound Blue Cluster-Umleitung Princess Diana of Wales-Still Beach I-Sef U-Sef-No Way Sherlock Geins’t Nait-Bodische Little Alone Dry Cleaning-Hot Penny Day Nicolini-Bull Bling Lauten der Seele-Die Welt Vanessa Amara-Chamber Organ Valentina Magaletti-The Unity of the Mind Tomasz Bednarczyk-Vacation Beak>-How Nice is This Stephan Mathieu-Turkey Song David Toop-Suddenly the World Dropped Away Tomaga-Ersangkrieg Cluster-Sowiesoso