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Forrest Whaley & Alyssa Whaley
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The Just4Clicks Podcast, hosted by Forrest Whaley & Alyssa WhaleyWrite in ► just4clickspod@gmail.com


Forrest & Alyssa talk the nature of reality and Michael C. Hall's incredible acting.
There's no place like home.
Life is full of surprises, if you don't stop and smell the roses every once in a while, it could pass you by.
Alyssa and Forrest reflect on Halloween 2022, discuss proper 1st period etiquette, and co-sleeping.
Anyone wanna split a Papa Bowl?
Can't wait til I get my own planet ✌️
Get back here you slut!
Working on a best shows ever list (no order):The White LotusHouse of the DragonHandmaid’s TaleThe BoysWhy Women KillThe Queen’s GambitThe Haunting of Hill HouseUnder the Banner of HeavenEuphoriaBreaking Bad