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Season Three of Picard reaches its midpoint with a compelling mystery amping up to new heights of tension as a familiar face returns to confront an old mentor about new threats to the entire Federation. Aidan and Lindsay take a flyby of Episode 5 -- "Imposters" -- to discuss Captain Sassypants, Jack Crusher's subconscious, and that cameo in this week's Bicks Pod. Episode Sponsor: Bajoran's Box Bicks Log: Would you change how Ro Laren was used in this episode? Notes and Recognitions:  If you're into this sort of thing: Dreams about Doors "The Hedgehog's Dilemma" from Neon Genesis: Evangelion TV Tropes' entry on "fridging" Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Ad muzak: "Sixty Second Commercial #1" by Mmigo/Michael Reynolds Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls 
Is "No Win Scenario" a winner? Join us to find out! We talk about the exploration of new characters like Captain Shaw and Vadic, as well as the (sometimes strained) characterization of old favourites like Picard and Riker. We also discuss the mysteries being presented, the cool moments and the heartfelt scenes that are starting to become the backbone of this season of the show.  Episode Sponsor: Space Junk Clean-up Crew Bicks Log: If we had to identify one another as a Changeling, how would we do it? Notes and Recognitions: Jessie Gender (After Dark) on YouTube - "Star Trek Picard 3.04 'No Win Scenario' Review" Another Reddit thread where Aidan got into it with the community, this time about fan service. Yet another Reddit thread about the holodeck (though the writer was more forgiving than either of us). And yet another Reddit thread (with link to video) comparing the scenes from First Contact (Jean-Luc) and this episode (Jack). We do actually have access to Paramount Plus in Canada. But we're still a Crave household. Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Ad Muzak: "Friendly Skies" from Fly the Friendly Skies of United Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls 
Is the sophomore slump over for Picard Season 3? Join us to find out! We talk about the highs and lows of the third episode, start delving into some of the fan theories, and dive head first into that conversation from this week's episode. In summary: the wait between Thursdays is getting a bit too long for our liking!   Episode Sponsor: Hail - the Federation's Premier Home Surveillance System Bicks Log: Who was right - Picard or Crusher? Notes and Recognitions: Trek Culture on YouTube - "Ups and Downs From Star Trek Picard: Picard 3.3 - Seventeen Seconds" Lindsay was (probably) thinking of "17 People" the West Wing episode where the staff are told that President Bartlet has Multiple Sclerosis. The Reddit thread where Aidan got really pedantic. Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Ad Muzak: "Friendly Skies" from Fly the Friendly Skies of United Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls 
Star Trek: Picard is off to rip-roaring start, introducing us to new villainy and adventures and reintroducing us to fan fave characters we haven't seen in decades. It doesn't mean there hasn't been any controversy with the various plot points and character moments we've seen in the past two episodes so far...and The Bicks are not immune to this. Join us as we bicker our way through Picard Season 3 Episode 2 "Disengage". Episode Sponsor: Accomplishment Allotment Bicks Log: What's the deal with Captain Liam Shaw? Notes and Recognitions: Trek Culture on YouTube - "Ups and Downs from Star Trek: Picard 3.2 - Disengage" Jesse Gender After Dark on YouTube - "Star Trek Picard 3.02 'Disengage' REVIEW" The Reddit thread about milking the reveals And the Reddit one about Jack Crusher being wanted because of Wesley's abilities Turians from Mass Effect Vox: "Why we all need subtitles now" Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Ad Muzak: "Friendly Skies" from Fly the Friendly Skies of United Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls 
After a brief 5 year hiatus, we're returning to our roots with a weekly, episodic podcast devoted to covering a media in media res - in this case, Star Trek: Picard, Season 3. Join us for a look at this early hint of the storytelling to come, as well as our takes on the characters displayed so far, the numerous easter eggs, and which of our gripes about Seasons 1 and 2 of Picard are still ringing in our ears early in Season 3. Notes: Couldn't find any reference to Q turning Picard human again at the end of Season 2, just for clarity's sake. Episode Sponsor: Today's episode is brought to you by the near-mythical Portal 3! Now you're thinking with portals! Bicks Log: We dig into the question: "Do you think this season is going to live up to the hype, or will it be another disappointment?" Credits: Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls
Modern fanfiction may very well have had its start with the original trio of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. So today we're joining the numerous fans before us who decided to tell stories about the crew of the USS Enterprise (no bloody B, C, or D). Join us as we talk about our process for writing these stories, the issues we ran into along the way, and even have a bit of a mini writing workshop right on the podcast. After years of hearing us call ourselves writers, now you can judge for yourselves! Notes: Aidan's story is called "Middle Decks" and is all about the four secondary characters of the series who never got quite the love of the main trio. Lindsay's story is called "Rumours" and is a peek behind what preceded Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - the series of phone calls that got the gang back together. Credits: Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls
The final farewell of The Original Series crew is a great summation of all the threads that we've touched on in our previous episodes and which have constituted some of the best parts of the series. The conclusion of the Klingon/Soviet cold war, the gathering of the film series' creative dream team, and the three main characters being front and centre - with Kirk being most central of all - provides a fitting end to the characters and setting that had been running for over 20 years. Join us for a chat about this classic (possibly science fiction) film, as we bid farewell to these characters (at least in their first iteration). Notes: Nancy Meyers is indeed a romantic-comedy legend. No relation to Nicholas Meyer beyond the last names. Plummer and Shatner were said to have a long-standing friendship, but the story of Shatner getting his big break as Plummer's understudy in Henry V is a real one, apparently.  Animorphs most certainly did have a TV Series.  This was Aidan's original movie box-set, which was actually released in the later 90s: https://images.app.goo.gl/KoaVtRsWrWg3UJPB8  Neither of us have acquainted ourselves with any of the definitions of Science Fiction. Though Aidan may regret his stance on the Doctor Who franchise, he otherwise stands by his belief that Science Fiction can be pretty much anything. Today's Sponsor: So happy to be partnered with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, located in Bar' Dak, Qo'nos. Make sure to visit today, and tell them the Bicks sent ya! Bicks Log: Does Star Trek VI (and similarly themed Star Trek films/episodes) count as Science Fiction, or not? Credits: Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is widely derided as the worst (or one of the worst) films in the Star Trek canon. Despite this, Lindsay still has fond memories of watching this film as a child and she'll be damned if she lets Aidan bring her down to reality! Join us for a discussion of God, starships, and campfire singalongs in this week's episode Episode Sponsor: Prophetic Titles. Totally not a scam. We promise. One low price gets you the right to title yourself Kai. Own your plot of space in the Celestial Temple today! Bicks Log:  Notes and Recognitions: iMDB trivia page, where we got some of our background details Check out Rowan J Coleman's YouTube channel for a ton of amazing retrospectives and history of Star Trek -- his channel is a repository of info and if you aren't already a fan, you really ought to be! Ad break music: "Beautiful Noise" by the Nick Perito Orchestra "The Mountain" by Jerry Goldsmith Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, collectively known in The Bicks home as "The One with the Whales." A classic 80s film, a classic Trek film, and a unique entry in the series all at once. We loved chatting about this one and hope you'll enjoy our wandering discussion of the most populist of Star Trek movies! Notes: It was Alan Silvestri who did the music for Back to the Future. Moores is a Canadian men's clothing company. The Home Depot is an American hardware and home improvement chain. These two pieces of information will help clarify the odd bit around the 36-37th minute of the podcast. Episode Sponsor: Today's episode is brought to you by Whales Alive, the very real album that really featured Leonard Nimoy really doing spoken word poetry over top of very real whale song. Please go listen right now. Bicks Log: Was the success of The Voyage Home a template that could have saved the second fourth movie of Star Trek - 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis? Would a funnier, less dramatic and serious Next Generation movie have changed the trajectory of the Star Trek franchise?
By the time The Search for Spock was announced, it was fairly clear that the Star Trek brand was more than strong enough to justify its continued return to box offices; within a few years, it would return to TV screens, as well. But not before Kirk & Co. return to the Genesis planet from The Wrath of Khan to rescue Spock. Which is what we're going to be talking about today.  Episode Sponsor: I Can't Believe It's Not Gagh! Bicks Log: Was David's death an earned emotional moment, or mere manipulation? Notes and Recognitions: Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls