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Episode 12 - TOS Fanfiction
February 07, 2023 · 53 min

Modern fanfiction may very well have had its start with the original trio of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. So today we're joining the numerous fans before us who decided to tell stories about the crew of the USS Enterprise (no bloody B, C, or D). Join us as we talk about our process for writing these stories, the issues we ran into along the way, and even have a bit of a mini writing workshop right on the podcast. After years of hearing us call ourselves writers, now you can judge for yourselves!


Aidan's story is called "Middle Decks" and is all about the four secondary characters of the series who never got quite the love of the main trio. Lindsay's story is called "Rumours" and is a peek behind what preceded Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - the series of phone calls that got the gang back together.


Intro Music: Chasing Stars by AG Music Outro Music: Idle Hands by The Impossibulls

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