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The Buddy Treatment

Felipe Beraldi & Ben Corthorn
11 episodes   Last Updated: Oct 23, 23

The weekly treatment for all your buddying ailments.


The buddies find out that every woman is someone's daughter.
The buddies discuss who's the most committed to this enterprise and the answer will shock you.
This podcast is a projection inside your mind.
The boys talked about a party, Ben had done a set on the night before and it was a night to remember, so we talked about it.
What's good. The boys get engrossed on this one, it's like cinema veritée documentary style observing two sleepy boys from a distance. Enjoy.
Buddies discuss the benefits of having bad topics.
Buddies got mildly annoyed by a cat bringing the heat.
The Buddies managed to recruit a female buddy. Thanks, Alison for being on The Buddy Treatment.
The Buddies ponder about what it means to be at home.
The Buddies get political together.