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Natalie Wynn of ContraPoints on Aesthetics & Youtube, and Bridget Meyne on Real Life Magazines
September 22, 2019 · 51 min

For this instalment of the podcast, we're joined by two absolute icons. First up, for ask an expert, guest host Jender Anomie is chatting to Youtuber Natalie Wynn, who's channel ContraPoints straddles philosophical and socio-political discourse with killer, high femme glamour and a sharp eye for an amazing lqqk. 


Natalie and Jender discuss building a platform on Youtube, trying to combat far-right thought and entice those who don't share her views to engage with ContraPoints content, the place of new-age media and memes in our political landscape, and much more. Natalie also deep dives on the aesthetic choices she makes in terms of her videos; and why being visually appealing, entertaining, informative and academic are not mutually exclusive entities.


For our obsessions section, we talk to comic artist and illustrator Bridget Meyne; who did the redesign for season two of the podcast. Bridget will be telling us all about her deep love for real life trashy magazines. Think Take a Break, Pick Me Up, etc. Speaking to Polyester editor in chief Ione Gamble about why we shouldn't belittle those that appear in these weekly titles, as well as how she finds solace in divulging in other peoples messy lives; we hope our conversation with Bridget leaves you thinking about the way in which we all consume our media. 


The Polyester Podcast is brought to you by Polyester's founding editor in chief Ione Gamble (@ionegamble), and co-hosted and produced by Olivia Graham. Thank you to our assistant Jemima Skala. This weeks artwork has been created by episode guest Bridget Meyne. The Polyester podcast is supported by Depop, with new episodes released every other week.

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