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It's difficult to argue with the description of Mona Awad's latest novel, "All's Well," as a "painful academic pressure cooker." Her masterful writing style allows readers to experience the physical and emotional states of her characters, and in "All's Well," the protagonist's chronic pain informs everything from her actions to her mindset. At the same time exposing how sometimes people around us are ready brush off any inconvinience that can be caused by the pain. We've been captivated by Mona's writing and compiled a playlist with people who are as affected as we are!
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(S3.E6) "Bunny" by Mona Awad
Cafe Au Lit

Caleb rambles on about one of the most confusing (but absolutely incredible) novels he's read.

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FTW 25 - Bunny by Mona Awad
Reclaiming the Book Club: Forget The Wine

Madeline and Laura cover Mona Awad's darkly funny 2019 novel Bunny. They debate whether it lives up to its reputation as a modern day take on Heathers and discuss how Awad juxtaposes heightened femininity with extreme violence. 

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All Isn't Well in Mona Awad's Painful Academic Pressure Cooker of a Novel
Ivory Tower Boiler Room

CW: sexual assault and trauma 

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We talk to Mona Awad about her 2021 novel All's Well and discuss how she turned to Shakespeare for literary inspiration. Then, Mona discusses how her own personal journey with chronic pain made its way into her novel. And, she explains how Miranda Fitch, her protagonist struggles with academic pressure and chronic pain while trying to direct and stage All's Well That Ends Well. Mona explains the similarity between All's Well and Bunny (her 2019 award winning novel). If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, then this is a must listen!

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February Book Club: Bunny by Mona Awad
Not Boring Book Club

This month the girlies are discussing "Bunny" by Mona Awad... and the hoes are gonna looooovvveee this! Join us in attempting to understand the literary version of a fever dream. Plus... Allysa creates a new mental illness. Who needs the APA?!Follow us on Instagram & TikTok @notboringbookclub and join us next month to discuss Autoboyography by Christina Lauren! 

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The Sleepover Club: Blokecore, The Legacy Of Ladettes, And Why We Should Be Worried About The Co-option Of Working Class Culture
The Polyester Podcast

All of the girlies, from Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian herself, are dressing like they love the football. Blokecore is the latest microtrend to sweep the internet - and suddenly, going to the pub with a footy scarf round your head (the style itself now christened the 'litty scarf') is a personality type. This week, Ione are examining the history of how we treat working class aesthetics - from the demonisation of ladette culture, and the knowing irony that so often infiltrates blokecore, to whether this new iteration of popularisation signals the return of a dreaded, populist type of neoliberalism that demonises the working classes at every opportunity.

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