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Not Boring Book Club

Allysa Harris & Kara Bell
15 episodes   Last Updated: Oct 03, 23

Welcome to the Not Boring Book Club! Join Allysa and Kara in monthly book club discussions and other bookish fun as they try to keep their post-grad lives as “not boring” as possible. 


Join Kara & Allysa in celebrating 1 Year of the Not Boring Book Club!!!Today the girls are discussing their favorite fall movies, TV shows, and books; and sharing some of their Fall TBR. There is also a lot of rambling because celebratory espresso martinis were consumed. Next month, the girls will be back to discuss their November Book Club pick, "Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros. Fall Favorite Books:Kara- "If We Were Villians" by M.L. Rio - "Cemetary Boys" by Aiden ThomasAllysa-  "Motherthing" by Ainslie Hogarth- "Slewfoot" by Brom- "Our Share of Night" by Mariana EnriquezFall Favorite TV Shows/Movies:Kara- Gilmore Girls- American Horror Stories (Discussed "Double Feature" and "NYC" seasons)Allysa- Harry PotterFall TBR:Kara - "Every Exquisite Thing" by Laura Steven- "Silver in the Wood" by Emily Tesh- "This Spells Disaster" by Tori Anne MartinAllysa- "Haunted" by Chuck Palahnuk- "The Wasp Factory" by Iain Banks"Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch" by Rivka Galchen 
Happy September!!This month, the girls have lots to babble about. Kara and Allysa have some hot-take recommendations like The Guncle and Normal People (lol they know they are behind) before discussing the cultural phenomena that are Heartstopper and Young Royals. For this month's book club, the girls discuss their first cozy mystery, Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala. Spoiler alert: will lead to cravings of Filipino food. Follow them on Instagram and TikTok @notboringbookclub 
This week, the girls are joined by bestselling author, Ally Carter, to discuss her writing career and her newest book, "The Blonde Identity"! A generation of readers, including Kara, have grown up adoring Ally's spy/thief/overall-badass novels and it has been so much fun revisiting this world as an adult reader! Order "The Blonde Identity" now wherever books are sold, and visit Ally at allycarter.com. Follow the girls on Instagram & TikTok @notboringbookclub. Join us for our September Book Club with "Arsenic and Adobo" by Mia P. Manansala! 
Hello everyone! Join Kara & Allysa for their most emotionally exhausting episode yet where they discuss the "Red, White & Royal Blue" book by Casey McQuiston.... and react to the brand-new movie. Buckle up because it is a wild ride. For a little palette cleanser, next month the girls will be reading "Arsenic and Adobo" by Mia P. Manansala. Everyone loves a cozy mystery!! Follow us on Instagram & TikTok @notboringbookclub
Kara asked Allysa to pick something weird... so this month the girls are discussing The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones. This is definitely a book that you can't read without discussing with others, so share your thoughts with the girls on Instagram or TikTok @notboringbookclub!Join them next month for another book/movie double feature!! *Drumroll please* .... Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston!! 
Happy Pride, friends!!!!To celebrate.... join Allysa and Kara in discussing their picks for their Queer Book Superlatives. This episode is a guaranteed way to restock your TBR pile. You're welcome. Our July Book Club pick is "The Only Good Indians" by Stephen Graham Jones. Join us in a few weeks to discuss!Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @notboringbookclub 
Today the girlies are discussing Kara's newest favorite book, Something Wild & Wonderful by Anita Kelly! Kara and Allysa dive into the topics of hiking/backpacking, religious trauma, deconstruction, and many more. Join us in June for our Pride Month Book Club Special!!Follow us on Instagram & TikTok @notboringbookclub 
Join us in welcoming M.A. Wardell as the first guest of the pod!! In today's episode, Kara and Allysa chat with Matt about his debut novel, "Teacher of the Year".  The group discusses the process of writing comedy and realistic sex scenes; as well as the importance of reading/writing spicy queer stories! "Teacher of the Year" will be released NEXT TUESDAY, May 9th, and can be purchased on Amazon for the Kindle or as a paperback! Follow Matt on Instagram @mawardellauthorFollow Kara & Allysa on Instagram @notboringbookclub and on TikTok @notboringbookclub. Join us again in a few weeks for our Something Wild & Wonderful Book Club episode :) 
This month, Kara and Allysa read the #1 Goodreads Fiction Book of 2022, "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin. Join us as we deep dive on the book and discuss the importance of platonic love. Our May Book Club pick is Something Wild & Wonderful by Anita Kelly! We cannot wait to discuss!!Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @notboringbookclub 
Happy March, friends! This month we are discussing one of Kara's all-time favorites, "Autoboyography" by Christina Lauren. The girls start the episode with an important conversation about why straight, white women are seemingly the ones publishing the majority of m/m romances. **Trigger warnings for religious trauma and homophobia. ** Join us next month to discuss "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin. Follow us on Instagram & TikTok @notboringbookclub