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easyDNS / Mark E. Jeftovic
76 episodes   Last Updated: Jun 21, 24
#AxisOfEasy is a weekly briefing wherein easyDNS CEO Mark E. Jeftovic sends out a short digest on the state of the ‘net and how it affects your business, security and privacy. Topics covered include cybersecurity, surveillance capitalism, censorship & free speech, data breaches and leaks, emerging technologies, decentralization and interesting subcultures.


Massive Data Breach at Desjardins Group Leads to Arrest
Canada’s Cybercrime Response Critically Deficient, Auditor General Finds
Massive Google Leak Exposes Search Algorithm Mysteries and Legal Implication
Vulnerability in Apple’s Location Services Exposes Privacy Risks
YouTube Faces Surge In Phishing And Deepfake Scams
Malware Disguised As Popular Apps Targets Android Users
REvil Ransomware Mastermind Sentenced To Over 13 Years In Historic Cybercrime Case
FCC Slaps Major U.S. Carriers With $196 Million In Fines For Illegally Selling Customer Location Data
AI Censorship Crisis Escalates As Chatbots Silence Controversial Voices
Roku Declares 576,000 Accounts Hacked Post Second Security Breach