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Melissa Morgan
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Melissa Morgan hosts an often funny, always compelling adventure into murders and mysteries and other weirdness she finds fascinating. Looking into solved and unsolved homicide cases and looking for tips from anywhere, from anyone, on anything, Melissa's curiosity and love of detective work and forensic science is contagious. Melissa's sense of humor and interest in spirituality also make for a wild ride. A broadcasting professional by training, she has written for a nationally-syndicated comedy radio show, been a music DJ in a major US radio market, run one of the country's most popular comedy clubs - AND - she teaches yoga! All of which makes for a truly fascinating, often hilarious, often edge-of-your-seat, riveting personality and a completely enthralling listening experience. Send your tips on ANYTHING to Melissa Morgan by sending an email to JTTIPSTERS@GMAIL.COM - or call the Tip-Ster Hotline and leave a voice mail message at (832) TIP-STER - (832-847-7837)!


Jun 17, 2024
April 11, 2001, 20 year old Branson Perry disappeared from his back yard - literally. Skidmore, MO has a strange history with disappearances and the most bizarre murders, some solved and one famous one that was witnessed by most of the small town and yet... no one "saw' a thing. Branson's case was not like that at all. A sweet, young man goes missing and is never heard from again? Even though both of Branson's parents have passed away there are many friends and loved ones who will not give up until Branson is home. As recently as two weeks ago with resources from the FBI the sheriffs department conducted a search on an area that had been searched in 2009 because of community tips If you have any information on what happened to Branson Perry please contact the Nodaway County Sheriff's Department at 660-582-7451
In what world would two kind, generous, loving 74 year olds be murdered in their home in particularly brutal ways? What on Earth could be the motive for something so atrocious? On 5/29/2011 Bill and Peggy Stephenson were taken from their family and all of the good works they did together in their lifetime. We know that more than one person knows. And the Boone County Sheriff's Department is still looking for help with those answers. IF you know ANYTHING about this barbaric crime please contact The BCSD at (859) 334-8496 or email: Stephensontip@boonecountyky.org   Consider giving yourself the gift of calm, even keeled magic in your day with www.magicmind.com Promo Code: tipsters20  
There are stories of famous people working on behalf of victims who were fans or friends. But James Hetfield and Metallica went after the predator of Morgan Harrington and other women, with their teeth bared. Morgan and Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia student went missing and their cases were linked by the horror of Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr.  Morgan, Hannah, Metallica and a Tip-Ster from Texas helped Law Enforcement find and arrest this monster who should have never been allowed on the street after numerous assaults in the past. Hear their stories here.
January of 2010 JoAnn Matouk Romain had a lot on her mind. She was going through a divorce, there were family squabbles and hard feelings. She stopped by her church, St. Clare for a short prayer service which was hoped would bring her peace. Her SUV was found in the church parking lot with the keys in it, her purse and ID were there but JoAnn was gone. There was one set of foot prints found leading from the church parking lot across the street and stopping at Lake Clare. The lake feeds into The Detroit River and JoAnn's body was recovered there 70 days after she disappeared, cause of death "dry drowning." What happened that night to JoAnn?   IF you have any information on JoAnn's case please contact the Grosse Pointe Farms PD at 313-885-2100