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Making Gold: an AI Adventure

36 episodes   Last Updated: Jun 30, 23
One businessman's journey into the wild world of AI. I am leaving behind 3 profitable businesses and going all in on this AI thing. Documenting the journey and discovering what it takes to make a golden opportunity in the AI space.


Jun 30, 2023
Mo Show
Jun 29, 2023
Check out Chris' music: https://open.spotify.com/track/2WmLKcqVI8q4AsovsUTZpl Experts are sloppier than GPT. Which in some weird way makes them better. I wonder if it is even possible for GPT to become more human...
Jun 29, 2023
google vs chatgpt
It seems like google requires you to think, while chatGPT does the thinking for you.
Jun 28, 2023
motivation hack
It's often helpful to consider all the possible stories and choose the best, most empowering one. The one you want to be true.
Jun 26, 2023
AI vs lawyers
Notwithstanding?? WTF? ...Chat can you explain this contract to me like I am a 5 year old? Even though chat wasn't capable of ingesting all 50+ pages of legal documents, it was able to process one very important three pager for me.  I was then able to query chat to get a better understanding of my potential risks in signing the document. While I wouldn't fully trust this today. It makes for a great quick, first pass.  Jake, is that long enough for you?
Sales is the secret to business success. The easiest way to build trust and sell is do a good job. How do you earn trust before you land your first job?
Jun 24, 2023
tactical mistakes
back to the drawing board. 
Jun 24, 2023
go around
Sometimes all you need is a different perspective
Jun 23, 2023
squashing turds
creating an app to fight scammers in the ai space. dike.ai
dike launches a youtube channel.