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Oatly Lake

2 episodes   Last Updated: Feb 28, 22
In the heart of Northern Michigan, hidden in a dense cedar forest in the small town of Mesick, lies a little-known body of water called Oatly Lake. In mid-2021, a Swedish dairy alternative company that goes by the same name—Oatly—stumbled upon this body of water while mindlessly browsing the internet. For reasons that are still unclear, they sent a team to Mesick in search for answers: Who owned this lake? Was there a connection to oatmilk? Could it yield headlines in all the reputable industry trades? They did in fact find answers, and a whole lot more…


In Episode 1 of Oatly Lake, which is in fact the only episode of Oatly Lake, podcast producer Schuyler Swenson revists the moment a Swedish-based oat drink company discovered the lake in Michigan that shares its name. Schuyler then takes listeners on a journey into the American Midwest, to the town of Mesick, to try to find answers to the burning questions this discovery raises.
Jan 28, 2022
What's the secret lying below Oatly Lake?