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On international fanworks day we’ve dived into the art of fanfiction, and fandom culture. Featured episodes talk about the process of writing fanfiction, its legality, and the early fandom culture that was dominating the internet. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a fanfic about your favorite problematic ship. Happy reading, and may ao3 always work when you're reading your stories.
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Episode 12 - TOS Fanfiction
The Bicks Pod

Modern fanfiction may very well have had its start with the original trio of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. So today we're joining the numerous fans before us who decided to tell stories about the crew of the USS Enterprise (no bloody B, C, or D). Join us as we talk about our process for writing these stories, the issues we ran into along the way, and even have a bit of a mini writing workshop right on the podcast. After years of hearing us call ourselves writers, now you can judge for yourselves!


Aidan's story is called "Middle Decks" and is all about the four secondary characters of the series who never got quite the love of the main trio. Lindsay's story is called "Rumours" and is a peek behind what preceded Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - the series of phone calls that got the gang back together.


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Fanfiction Podcast: On Writing Long Fics & Staying Motivated
Dear Fanfiction Authors: A Fanfiction Podcast

I’ve started more long fics than I have finished them. Writing long fics are not easy. How does one stay motivated through it all? Let’s dive into advice from the writing experts.

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This podcast has an official Twitter: @eviesfriesBut I was on Tumblr first, because I enjoy total anonymity on there: @eviesramblesNew episodes whenever I upload.

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Fanfiction Podcast: One-Shots to Long Fics
Dear Fanfiction Authors: A Fanfiction Podcast

Let’s dive into Reddit today and check out writers’ advice and opinions on one-shots and the intricacies of writing a long-fic.Spoiler: I'm lowkey obsessed with Satoru Gojo... Unrelated. But also relevant.

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This podcast has an official Twitter: @eviesfriesBut I was on Tumblr first, because I enjoy total anonymity on there: @eviesramblesNew episodes whenever I upload.

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Heidi Tandy on Fanworks & Intellectual Property
Ipse Dixit

In this episode, Heidi Tandy, of counsel and intellectual property department chair at Price Benowitz LLP and legal committee member of the Organization for Transformative Works, discusses her work on the relationship between fanworks and intellectual property rights, as well as her draft article "Can You Tarnish Voldemort?: An Examination of the Intersection of Fanworks, Trademarks and Fair Use." Tandy describes the long history of fanworks and how they reflect the creativity of fan communities. Among other things, she explains how changes in copyright law have emphasized the right of fan communities to create fanworks, and how the relationship between copyright and trademark owners and fan communities has developed over time. Tandy blogs at ef yeah copyright law and is on Twitter at @travelingheidi.

You can read her post on the ebooks-tree issue she discusses on the podcast here and her post on the adult film "parody" of "50 Shades of Gray" here. She recommends this VOX article about Hamilton fanfiction. And the Organization for Transformative Works legal advocacy page is here.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, legal theory, trademarks, patent law

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Episode 34: Enabling Fanworks to Flourish with Organization for Transformative Works staffer Claudia Rebaza
Your Biggest Fangirl Podcast
Just about every fan is familiar with the Organization for Transformative Works, particularly the website Archive of Our Own. On this episode, we introduce you to OTW communication staffer Claudia Rebaza as we delve into the history of OTW and the importance of having an archive like AO3 that both acts as host for fanworks but also fosters a community for creators. We talk with Claudia about the changing nature of online spaces and the way fans adapt to allow their creative pieces flourish and remain legally protected. In addition to squeeing about fanfiction, we recognize the importance of analyzing media and transformative works, and the ways OTW supports academic scholarship of fandom media. Claudia’s Fanworks Recs: Fanfic, Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Responsible Science series by lettered Podfic, Merlin: Pairing Pendragon/Merlin by lunchee Fanart, Merlin: The First Nowell the Angels Did Say by mushroomtale Fanvid, Merlin: Commentary on Red Rain by secretlytodream Fanfic, Angel and original Queer Eye: Queer Eye for the Spike Guy by redsrule1 Where to find the OTW: Facebook: @transformativeworks LiveJournal: @otw-news Tumblr: @transformativeworks Twitter: @otw-news
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46: Fandom, Inc. (ft. Amanda McLoughlin)
Wow If True
Amanda McLoughlin (CEO of Multitude Productions) says that everything she knows about running a business, she learned in fandom... because believe it or not, the same skills that help you organize a fic exchange also help you run an independent podcasting collective! This one's for you, fanfic enthusiasts and former britpickers.  


Amanda McLoughlin:


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S1E1. What Is Fanfiction? (or, Children with Unsupervised Internet Access in the Early 2000s)
The Fanfic Writers' Craft

Lani (@copper_dust) and Jo (@pebblysand) sit down for a general chat about fanfiction, original fiction and the origins of the podcast. They discuss discovering fanfiction as kids with unsupervised internet access in the 2000s, what it means to write fanfiction as adults, and how blurry the line between fanfiction and original fiction can be.

Your recommendations for this month are: 

The Elements of Style by Strunk & White for writing and stylistic tips! dirgewithoutmusic on AO3 for excellent, non-cliché HP fic the divine comedian also on AO3 for someone so good they could get published if they filed off serial numbers

You can find Jo and Lani online at:

Lani (@copper-dust): tumblr ; AO3 Jo (@pebblysand): tumblr ; AO3
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Fandom, Identity and Belonging
The Connection with Marty Moss-Coane

What drives people to invest so much time, emotion, energy, and money following a sports team, a rock band, or a celebrity? We'll explore the fan mindset.

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Episode 179: Fan Labor, Fan Consumption

In Episode 179, “Fan Labor, Fan Consumption,” Flourish and Elizabeth use a listener question to discuss some of the intersections between fans and corporations. Is there an inherent tension when fanfiction communities’ “punk gift economies” are centered around properties owned by mega-conglomerates? What happens when fans performing unpaid labor for networks and studios start pushing back? And fresh off their return to San Diego Comic-Con, is it true that when it comes to fandom and capitalism, most fans just don’t care?