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Researcher Dacher Keltner investigates the elusive emotion of awe, revealing how it transforms our brains and bodies, and how to find more wonder in our everyday lives.
Why are some rural communities so deeply disadvantage? A conversation about some of the poorest places in America with Princeton University's Kathryn Edin and Timothy Nelson.
In his new book, award-winning author James McBride pairs a page-turning murder mystery set in Pottstown, P.a. with a powerful story of compassion, community and love.
We explore the psychology of conspiracies and what draws people to them. Author Michael Shermer joins us to talk about why people believe irrational things.
Writer Jeanette Winterson explores artificial intelligence and how it may change our lives, relationships, sex, religion -- even death.
Temple psychologist Laurence Steinberg on the changing relationship between parents and adult children.
Sportswriter Sally Jenkins shares life lessons that elite athletes and coaches have gleaned from playing competitive sports.
Social scientist and physician Nicholas Christakis on our social evolution, our need for connection and why he is optimistic about human nature and the future.
Historian Martha Hodes explores what happened to her own memories, and how she tried to get them back, after being held hostage on an airplane in 1970 in her new memoir.
Jun 23, 2023
The Myths of Aging
We debunk the clichés and stereotypes of getting older with gerontologist Tracey Gendron, author of "Ageism Unmasked," and Lorene Cary, author of the memoir "Ladysitting."